World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


As an entrepreneur, you relish getting up in the morning to work on your business vision, design strategies that will see your business grow and help your business become a market leader. The fact that you have set up your very own business entity that is making a profit, competing against its rivals and helping you learn the art of entrepreneurship should be celebrated. However, there can come a time when stress rears its ugly head and can push you a little off course. Those mornings waking up filled with anticipation for the working day ahead may be replaced by mornings of dread when all you want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. Don’t worry. Everyone encounters stress at some point in their lives, it is simply up to you how you choose to manage it.


Financial Worries


Money is the single biggest stress in people’s lives. This is even more apparent if you run your own company and your very livelihood depends on the success of your business. To counteract the stress, ensure that you lean on others. As an introvert, it may be difficult to open up; however, by working with an accountant you will get a clearer picture of the financial situation of your business. Together, you can come up with tactics to lessen the financial stress on the business, increase profits and save on tax.


If your cash flow is causing you unwanted sleepless nights, consider applying for extra finance simply to get you through this tougher financial patch. Heading to a site like and reading their impartial guides to loans can ease your worries.


Manage Your Time


Stress is a vicious circle as described at You may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. While you are right, you are still working eighteen hour days to tick off everything on your to-do list. Stop. This won’t work. Your efforts will be inferior, your work will be of a lower quality and you will begin to resent the fact that you left your cushy full time job. Instead, set a limit of eight hours for your working day, prioritize tasks and recognize some won’t be completed on time and head home without taking work with you. You must make time for hobbies, friends and social activities so that you can relax, switch off and recharge your batteries.


Be A Fair Boss


As an entrepreneur you may find yourself taking on new staff as your business grows. Their constant need for your time can be stressful and prevent you from implementing your business vision. Incessant emails about printer ink and photocopier paper need to be delegated to another member of staff. Don’t be the boss, HR bod, marketing supervisor and photocopying guru. Delegate tasks and learn to unburden yourself from stress by using your staff. They will be thankful for the extra responsibility and you can get on with more pressing tasks.


Managing stress at work can be difficult. However, by following these simple steps, you can banish the negative impact of stress and see your business go from strength to strength.