World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Maybe you already work as a manager or a business owner, but you feel like you struggle because you’re an introvert. Don’t panic – you’re not the only one who feels like this, and you can be an effective leader just like anybody else, regardless of your personality type. These tips will help you to feel more confident in your skill as a leader. Introverts, read on!


Work On Creating Authentic Connections

Introverts prefer connecting with people in very small groups or one on one, unlike extroverts who thrive off speaking with larger groups of people. Leverage your preferences for meaningful connections if you want to strengthen your team. Do your best to find out what motivates your staff members and get to know them properly. See how they contribute to your team in a unique way. Don’t worry about trying to appear extroverted; simply be yourself. Even if you’re outsourcing Managed IT Services, use this as an opportunity to create more authentic connections.



Take Some Time To Think And Reflect

Introverts tend to favor their inner world over the outer world, and regularly need to have some time to themselves to process different information, reflect on possibilities and mull over ideas. Doing this can have a great impact on the type of leader you are. As an introvert, you can likely make better decisions for your business. Never feel pressured to make snap decisions as an introvert.


Set Boundaries To Protect Yourself

If you become overstimulated, you’ll lose energy. Introverts can’t have too many sensory experience or be around people all the time. Your personality is like a battery in that the more time you spend around people, the more it runs down. Having healthy boundaries is key to becoming a great leader. For instance, you could set a time that you tell your team you’re not to be disturbed at.


Listen And Communicate

As an introvert, you have a natural ability to listen well to others and then think about your response before you reply. By working on improving your listening and communication skills further, you can create a happier team that are more productive and willing to share their thoughts and ideas with you.


Working To Empower Other Introverts

You probably have introverts on your team who feel like they blend into the background while extroverts take centre stage. If you’re an introvert, it should be fairly easy for you to find other introverts on your team. An extrovert might think that another member of the team doesn’t want to share their opinions or participate, when really, they are thinking before they speak. Giving other introverts the space to participate in their own way will set you apart from other leaders.


Becoming a great introverted leader is all about embracing your introversion and personality so you can use your natural qualities to create authentic connection with your team, and leveraging the benefits of being an introvert. Don’t try to be something you’re not. You’ll likely inspire other introverts this way, too!