World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

There are many jobs which introverts may not immediately feel well-suited to. Being at the forefront of a client-facing or customer-relations role, and having to deal with hordes of new people each day, might not be the most comfortable fit. Of course, that doesn’t mean that introverts can’t fit into these roles and come to enjoy and thrive in them. Just that there may be better options for some.

The world of entrepreneurship, as it exists on the internet, might be ideal for many introverts. Entrepreneurial, web-based roles often rely on a person’s own introspection and creativity, and they tend to involve minimal reliance on, or interaction with, co-workers.

Without further ado, here are some key entrepreneurial roles that might be perfect for you if you’re an introvert at heart.

Ecommerce — especially affiliate marketing

“Ecommerce” is a label which includes many different potential job roles, all united by the fact that they’re based on selling goods or services online.

Unlike in ages past where an aspiring entrepreneur would typically have to maintain a shopfront or office and sell their goods or services directly to customers, face-to-face,  we now live in a world where a garage or spare-room can serve as a basic warehouse, and an internet landing page can serve as an entire store.

With resources such as enterprise ecommerce software to help smooth the process, entrepreneurship can really be a one-person job.

Affiliate marketing takes this theme to the next level. With this form of ecommerce, you don’t even stock any physical goods of your own, but instead set up a website and marketing materials, and sell other people’s goods for a percentage of commission.

In this type of job role, you can really thrive based on your own creativity.

Freelance web design or writing

Despite what you may have read or heard, “freelancer” isn’t actually code for “unemployed”. In an age where many job roles can effectively be carried out from home, it’s logical that those able to do those jobs would often prefer to work for a variety of clients at a given time, rather than have their fates anchored to a single “boss”.

Jobs like copywriting and web design lend themselves perfectly to freelancing. All you need to get started is a baseline of skill in your chosen field, and a website to serve as your portfolio. The internet is full of guides and resources for getting started on your mission to make a paid living from your own home.

Consultation services

If you’re coming out of a career in business, or have amassed any particular skills or points of expertise in your professional life, you may be qualified to begin selling your services online as a consultant.

The sky’s the limit with how you approach this career path, and everyone from marketers to personal trainers and accountants can get in on the action. The key is in doing what you did for your boss, but on your own time, for your own clients.

Personal training, for example, is an excellent business for the introverted entrepreneur, as you can create and follow your own routines and systems to execute each session from the comfort of your home. All you need is the appropriate educational qualifications, a software program like PT Distinction, and a website to sell your services.