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Are you tired of getting passed on for promotions? Are you always finishing work exausted? Are you tired of not standing up for yourself? Are you not making the money you deserve? Are you tried of trying to be an extrovert? Most introverts struggle with these questions. You are not alone and I am here to help!


Energy Management


Impostor Syndrome

Support Systems

“Everyone is expected to be the same. Maybe I’m just not the right person for the job.

Don’t you deserve the career you have dreamed of?

It is refreshing to work with other someone who understands the nuances of social and work situations as an introvert and has the experience to offer real and helpful tips to accepting yourself while driving personal and career growth.”

“It empowered me, as an introvert, to understand better how to navigate the workplace and still remain authentic. It is a sometimes challenging environment that is often more extrovert friendly.”

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Energy as an Introvert and Perform Better at Work

Do you feel drained after work when you love what you do? Do you feel like you have trouble setting boundaries? Then my free podcast is just what you need to learn more about how you can manage your time and energy to be more effective in management as an introvert 

You are an introverted person, a leader or manager, and you feel like you can’t be yourself at work. You wish there was a way to lead while respecting your introvert nature.


My Approach to Coaching

There is no one size fits all when it comes to coaching. I don’t have a set program for you to go through as your individual needs are different. As introverts we need to find ways to balance our need to get things done, along with our energy needs.

Being an introvert leader requires you to adjust your thinking to the needs of your team and how best to support them. Together we work through various work situations and how to solve them in a way that is conducive to your work style. 

I give my clients a safe space to work through their workplace issues. One thing my clients love is even though the coaching I give is done remotely, they don’t have to do video calls.

Thank you Janice Chaka for your discovery call! It was an important breakthrough for me and I loved talking to such a professional and expert like you.



Most recently I needed help with a writing assignment and speech. I found Janice’s coaching and feedback thorough, multi-dimensional and timely. Her consultations left me feeling polished and confident in the work product. Janice is a thoughtful and creative professional and I would love to work with her again


Senior Talent Manager

I love working with you because you give me clear direction on what to do, and it works!