World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

It can be hard for an introvert to get ahead at work. While the ambitious scramble over one another to fetch their manager a latte, chime in with a chorus of “good idea, boss”, or shout over one another to make “paradigm shifting” voices heard, the introvert has a tendency to hang back and keep their impressions to themselves. Yet there are many ways in which those who feel uncomfortable with speaking in group situations at work can make an impression without saying a word. What we wear at work says a lot about us. It also changes the way we think, the way we move, the way we talk and the way in which we perceive ourselves. The right clothes can make us seem more empowered, formidable, professional and authoritative. On the other hand the wrong ones can make us seem slovenly, disorganized or undeserving of our current job and career.



Even if you work in a job that has a strict dress code or a uniform, it’s still possible to make a statement with what you wear. If you’re a nurse, for example, you needn’t resign yourself to a career in the same old scrubs, just click this link! No matter what you do, there are ample opportunities to lend your look a little personality and create a formidable professional persona…


Don’t underestimate the importance of shoes


Shoes do a whole lot more than make your feet look good. They can influence your posture, make you more graceful, make you look taller or enhance your professionalism. Be wary, however, many people think that height is everything. While there’s evidence to suggest that taller people tend to be more successful, trying to force yourself to be taller can backfire. Wearing 5 inch heels at work can be crippling, while if you’re a shirt man, wearing 3 inch lifts to work can make you look ridiculous. Ensure that your shoes are clean and / or well polished. Ensure that you can move around in them comfortably and that they bolster your height without making you totter around like Bambi on ice.


Ladies, the power suit is back


Many women in the workplace favor a jacket and dress combo over a suit, but for those who never really got over the ‘80s rejoice! The power suit is back! Synonymous with confidence and economic prosperity, the power suit with its imposing lines and broad shoulders has been absent from the workplace for over two decades. Now, however, thanks to high profile advocates like Ivanka Trump, the power suit is well and truly back. Even if you’re quiet by nature, this re-imagined garment has a loud enough voice for both of you.


Remember: casual is not the same as “don’t care”


In many industries, particularly the tech industry, businesses tend to have a less formal dress code. Just remember, however, that casual dress shouldn’t imply that you needn’t make an effort. If you come into work day after day in the same t shirt and jeans shorts, don’t be surprised if you’re overlooked for promotion. Keep it casual smart with a blazer, trouser and open collar shirt or a jeans/ jumper/ blazer combo and you’ll never have to worry about dressing too far down for work.