Workplace Woes? Here’s How Can You Be Happier in Your Career

Work and happiness isn’t always something that go together. Even if you don’t mind your job, chances are you’re not leaping out of bed on a Monday morning, excited to get there. Very few of us are this lucky, and in some cases, you might actively dislike your job. When we spend so much time in the workplace, if we’re unhappy here then we’re never going to be completely happy in our lives in general. However, there are some ways that you can be happier at work, here are some examples.

Work from home

There are so many benefits to working from home. You don’t need to spend time or money commuting every day. There’s no being micromanaged and having a boss breathing down your neck, and no annoying colleagues to face! You can work in a more flexible way as you’re in control of your workload, meaning you can adapt work to your life (rather than the other way around, which most people are used to doing). Research shows that people that work from home tend to be happier and less stressed, and even take less sick days. You could find a job that offers remote working, or even ask your current employer if you’re able to work from home. Another option would be setting up your own home business or going freelance. Maybe you’re a parent and need a career that you can work around your commitments, or perhaps you’re just happier working from home. Whatever your circumstances, not having to get up to an alarm, not having to leave the house and face the cold mornings and having your own creature comforts around you all day is sure to leave you feeling happier.

Earn passive income

Earning money without much work or hassle- it might sound too good to be true but it’s completely possible. Admittedly, you do need to have money already to make this work, but if you have savings or an inheritance for example, you can turn this chunk of money into a lot more by making smart investments. If your passion lies in property, how about investing in bricks and mortar and renting them out for a longer term investment. You could even invest in a property based business such as an up and coming estate agent. These kinds of companies use great software related to real estate CRM to boost business, but are often in need of a cash injection in the early days. If you have shares in a business, every year that you earn a profit you get a cut sent back to you. It’s possible to make your fortune in investing in things like commodities too. Take gold for example, this has doubled in price in the last ten years. If you would have invested ten thousand a decade ago, you’d now have twenty thousand with no work needed to be done by you. Passive income is great as it earns you money while freeing up your time to pursue other things.

Do something creativeMany of us are unhappy at work as our creativity is restricted. If you’re a naturally creative person, why not take your career in this direction? It could be anything from baking or catering to floristry to music. You might have to re-train, but it could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

The Secrets To Help You Manage Your Schedule Like A Boss

Happiness is hard to find in the business world, especially when your schedule is packed. No matter how hard you try, it’s as if there’s no way to prevent planning disasters from occurring. The knock-on effect is that work builds up and the problem escalates out of control.

If only there were a way for managers to manage their daily routine like a boss. Then, the days wouldn’t be filled with anxiety and exhaustion.

As it happens, there are tricks of the trade to stop a wrench from ruining your plans. Here’s what you need to know to find the perfect workplace balance.

Remove The Clutter

There are things which are important yet not enough to be on your to-do list. As contradictory as it sounds, it’s the truth. Take a look at your schedule – does it include things such as I.T, customer service and marketing? If the answer is yes, there is the problem. While stuff related to dedicated servers and advertising is vital to success, it doesn’t have to stay in-house. World-class bosses make time by reducing the amount of clutter, and they do this through delegation. Trusting others and leaning on them isn’t a weakness but strength from a time perspective.

Create An Unbreakable Routine

Of course, things will pop up and you’ll have no choice but to make concessions. It’s an occupational hazard of being the person in charge. And, you should let nature take its course for the most part. However, some things are too sacred to put off, such as time with the family or hitting the gym or checking emails. If you find them cathartic, pencil these activities in on a daily basis and never err from the routine. Everything is flexible but these things are well worth being a creature of habit for.

Add Buffers

It’s hard to add buffers to the concept of time. After all, it isn’t concrete. Thankfully, it’s possible as long as you plan your deadlines carefully and with a strategy. The key is to impose your time restrictions to encourage you to get ahead of the actual deadline. For example, a client says they want a project completing within three weeks but you make a note to do it in two. If you miss your self-imposed goal, they’ll still be seven days before the alarm goes off and you’re screwed. Usually, this is plenty of time to add the finishing touches.


Multitasking isn’t conducive to the human brain. A study by Microsoft shows this to be the case, so don’t worry if you struggle. Everybody does because it’s pretty much impossible. The mind likes to stick on one topic for a limited time and that’s when you’re at your most efficient. With that in mind, it’s important to batch tasks into categories. By putting them together based on their similarities, you can move from one to the next without interruption. Time blocks are also very powerful tools.

The last secret to keep in mind is that it’s impossible to complete everything in one day. Split tasks into bitesize chunks and tackle them one mouthful at a time.

The Quiet Way To Prove You Aren’t A Pushover

Do you experience issues as an introverted manager in a loud business world? Do you sometimes feel your colleagues would produce better work if you shouted more? Do you get the distinct feeling that the members of your team consider you as a pushover?

You wouldn’t be alone. Many introverted managers struggle to assert themselves in a world where loud personalities rein. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make this work. In truth, introverts make fantastic managers for many reasons. Introversion tends to come hand in hand with fantastic listening skills and a tendency towards creative thinking. Both of which are essential traits for any entrepreneur. Sadly, that won’t be enough to save you if your team don’t respect your authority.

Lucky for you, asserting yourself doesn’t mean you need to start shouting like other managers do. There are plenty of quiet yet powerful ways to achieve the same goal. Keep reading to find out what they are.

The power of the written word

If you’re planning to take disciplinary procedures against a team member, you will need to meet with them. But, the power of the written word works wonders for warnings. It’s possible to write an email which can strike fear into any employee’s heart. This is a fantastic way to let your staff know what you aren’t happy with without ever having to confront them. Admittedly, you need to make sure that you make yourself available if they do want to discuss your issues. Otherwise, this allows you to get yourself heard without once raising your voice.

Refuse to renew unhelpful outsourced contracts

Modern offices consist of more than just our employees. Now, we also rely on outsourced services. While we don’t manage them, we need third-party companies to respect our authority. Sadly, many don’t. What’s worse is that quiet managers renew imperfect contracts because they’re afraid of confrontation. If you aren’t happy with the way companies like these treat you, don’t make that mistake. Without having to say anything, a failure to renew shows that you aren’t to be messed with. Other companies are sure to pick up on that message. You needn’t even be worried about transitioning with options like this transition management consulting to hand. Services like these make moving to another provider as easy as possible. That then frees you up to put your foot down in a quiet yet impactful way.

Let your disciplinary procedures do the talking

At the very least, you should let your disciplinary procedures do the talking. You may not be forthcoming in shouting out your views, but these can take care of that for you. By putting things like a three strike rule in place, you make it clear that you don’t accept inadequate efforts. Let everyone know about this on their first day. Then, you shouldn’t need to shout to get people working the way you want them to. Something as simple as that can turn you into a boss no one dares to mess with.

Preventing The Introvert’s Worst Online Nightmare: The Data Breach

There’s nothing wrong with having all your private information out there, laid bare to the world. For an introvert, it’s bad personally, but it’s a major catastrophe when it comes to the business. Data breaches aren’t just serious, they’re potentially fatal, ending 90% of businesses that suffer them within two years. Don’t let it happen to you, here’s how you protect your business.

Teach your team a better way

Internal leaks are what cause the majority of data breaches. It’s not all hacking. Malicious agents within the business, passwords left out for someone to discover, lack of access control to sensitive data, phishing scams, and logged-in hardware and software left unattended are some of the most common sources of data breaches. Make sure you protect your business by giving your employees lessons on how to be smarter with how they use your tech, to eliminate human error while ensuring tighter control on which team members can access what so that a potential saboteur is kept out of the most important data.

Invest in real security

While your own employees may bring about their own risks, that doesn’t mean you can forget about hackers, as well. Anti-malware software can help protect you against the dangerous software always looking to infect computers, but hackers who are actively trying to break into your system are a different beast. Active monitoring, protection, and vulnerability checking provided by managed IT services are going to provide the security that software can’t. When there’s a human trying to access that data, you need a human that’s even more qualified to stop them.

Have some backups ready

Your IT services provider can help with this, but it’s always wise to make sure you have backups of your most vital data ready to replace any that might be lost, whether accidentally or due to malicious actors. Losing that data can cost the company a lot of money, so you should do what you can to ensure that it’s rarely permanently lost. Physical copies and digital copies on the Cloud can help you cover all your bases. Just make sure that they’re all encrypted so that they can’t be accessed by anyone who happens to find them.

Don’t forget the site

If you’re asking any of your website’s visitors to input data of any kind, then you have a responsibility to ensure they know exactly what is being done with that website. Security certificates are just one thing you can do to protect your website, but it’s a very visible signifier to your visitors that their data isn’t going to be up for grabs. More people are becoming more aware of the all-important padlock icon and “https” at the start of URLs, to the point that search engines actively push sites that aren’t secure further down in the listings.

Data security is on everyone’s mind now, not just yours, but also your customers. Some high-profile breaches have made security and privacy a greater concern than ever before, so they count on you to ensure that their data is protected.

Employee Excellence: Keeping Staff Happy and Motivated in Business

An essential component for any successful business is a strong workforce. These are the people that are responsible for the day to day tasks, and are able to keep things running and profit turning. So keeping them happy should be a high priority to you as a business owner. Here are a few things to consider.

Spruce up your office

Your office should never be overlooked when it comes to business. For most companies, it’s at the heart of what they do, you’ll want a space that’s smart and professional to look good to customers and clients. However, one of the biggest benefits to a nice office is improved staff mood. Something that’s nicely decorated, well lit, the right temperature, clean and organised will mean your staff working area is pleasing to spend time in. Move desks close to windows to make the most of the natural light.  Invest in good quality desks and chairs, as well as powerful computers and software enabling everyone to do their job as efficiently as possible.

Offer perks and rewards

You have so much competition in business- and you’re not just competing with them for customers. You’re also competing with other, similar businesses for the best employees. One thing to consider is that you’ll want to stand out to potential candidates by making your company an appealing place to work. You could include things like a company smartphone, laptop or even a company car as part of the job package. Things like health, dental and retirement plans all give your workers security and will make them more likely to stick with your company, rather than looking for work elsewhere.

Better your HR department

Your human resources department deal with all things to do with your staff- from recruitment to absences, to discrimination and harassment. They ensure everything handled fairly, responsibly and by the book. Your HR team is who your staff will speak to if they’re having a personal or legal issue surrounding your business, and so having a good team in place is essential. Well handled HR matters can reduce the risk of issues such as employment tribunals being brought against your company. You don’t even need to keep your HR department in-house, you can outsource hr case management to servicenow and other companies that specialise in this area. That way, you’re guaranteed the best results and it’s an element of your business that you don’t personally have to oversee.


Simply listening to what your employees have to say can make them feel much more valued and appreciated within your business. Whether it’s complaints, queries, praise or suggestions of how you could do things differently, take your workers opinions on board. Let them have their say, be an approachable boss that people feel comfortable coming to. This can help to build trust, and it can also alert you to issues you weren’t even aware of. When you’re running things from the top, there’s plenty that can be missed. These are your ‘people on the ground’- in many ways, they will know your business better than you do. If they’ve spotted flaws or problems that could be resolved then this is always going to be good news for you.

Know Your Options When An Injury Gets In The Way Of Your Career

For a career-minded person, getting yourself involved in an accident or injury can be even more devastating than usual. Not only do you have the pain of the injury and the frustration of the recovery to deal with, but the real possibility that your injury can set you back in your career and jeopardize your financial health. Here, we’re going to look at some of the options on hand to ensure you mitigate the impact as best possible.

Take the right steps

Whenever injured outside of work, there’s little to do but inform your employer as soon as is convenient. If you’re injured in the workplace, however, you have a responsibility to take the right steps so that you know your employer will respond properly handle the compensation claim correctly. Informing your supervisor in writing can ensure there’s a record so if something goes wrong, it can’t be claimed that it’s your fault. To keep things impartial, it’s wise to ensure you will be able to see your own doctor before an accident, as well.

Are you entirely out of the game?

Following your injury, your doctor should make it clear what you are and aren’t able to do comfortably. Do not push yourself to do anything more than they recommend, not even if it means you get back to work all the sooner. However, if you are able to work from home or carry on some duties that you once had while leaving others for the moment, you might want to let your employer know. A good employer will tell you to take the time off anyway, so it’s your decision as to whether or not you make the step of doing what work you can.

Make sure you’re always covered

To prevent serious financial consequences following an accident, disability insurance is essential for young professionals nowadays. However, both health and disability insurance claims can get very messy. Make sure you understand your rights regarding the type of insurance you have and call Darras Law if you run into roadblocks. Don’t take the word of your insurance company if they seem to have trouble getting your insurance through. A little legal pressure can suddenly make it much more convenient and doable.

Get back to full strength

Don’t rush to get back to work before you’re ready, even if you believe that you can handle certain duties or that you can “get through” the pain. As The Gazette shows, it can make getting the competition you’re owed a lot harder, to the point of jeopardizing a legal case you might have against whoever caused your injury in the first place. What’s more, you run the real risk of exacerbating your injuries, which can only extend the amount of time you have to take off.

You can’t stop an injury from having some impact on your career or financial situation, unfortunately. You can, however, ensure it doesn’t spiral out of control with the right preparations in place, as well as the right flexibility to adjust to your new situation for now.

When Websites Count

Nowadays everyone seems to have their own website, whether offering professional services, products or just expressing themselves with their latest blog posts. How many do you scroll past without so much as a backward glance? How many do you find have made you stop in your tracks? Not many we’d bet.

With so much noise out there, you need some tried and tested techniques that make your potential customer base stop in its tracks. Don’t be let down by poor visuals, old-fashioned graphics and shoddy writing.

Make your website pop and drive more visitors than ever before to your services for a brighter business.

Quite frankly, looks are everything. If content is king then your pictures, video and graphics are the emperors. They’re the one-stop shop front that makes people stop browsing and want to find out more about you but how do you know you’re using images and video effectively. Quite simply, the first thing you can do is a little research yourself. Specifically look at the competition, what are they doing that you should be? What are they doing that you shouldn’t be? Learn the lessons and take notes on what works and what doesn’t.

Generic images have their place but high quality and original one-offs set you apart. The medium that really helps tell your story is video and this is something you might find yourself outsourcing to a video production agency to take care of for you.

Short, powerful, quirky videos on your landing page work. Think outside the box. They don’t have to have words or even tell a coherent story but instead act as a marketing conduit for your customers to get a physical sense of who you and what you are about.

While images lead the charge, they must be followed up with great content. It’s not just about the quality of the writing but about how and where it features. Too much text and your page will look cluttered, not enough and your visitor will be left wondering what they’re looking at. Striking the right balance is crucial. Think about your Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content, you headings, subheadings and so on to not only achieve the right balance between informative and overloaded but also the right amount of keywords for Google to pick you up.

When you’re sure you’ve got your website looking as best it can, don’t sit back and let the grass grow under your feet. Experts say now is the time to analyse the effectiveness of your redesign. Make sure you’ve got your analytics in place, ready to monitor how many visitors you’re attracting, where they’re headed on your site and what they do once they’re there. Overhaul the pages that don’t seem to be doing anything and update the pages that attract the most traffic. Keep a close eye on what works and why and make changes accordingly.

It’s perfectly possible to build your own site, to fill it with content and images and publish but to be truly great you need a truly great website.

How Employment Agencies Boost Your Job Search

In the current day and age, individuals need all the help they can get if they are to bag their dream job. The world of business is fiercer than it ever has been. Competition is rife for all of the job vacancies that are available, which is not many! We all have the dreaded recession to thank for this. Whilst the US is definitely moving away from these dark days, there is no quick fix or magic formula and so the knock-on effects are still being felt.

However, this shouldn’t scare you. It merely means you have to attack your job search with more drive and determination than you ever have. One of the things you need to do is make sure you sign up to one of the leading employment agencies Ipswich based. If you don’t seek the aid of a recruitment agency then you are going to be at a major disadvantage. Why? Well, keep reading to discover all of the ways these companies help people looking for jobs, and thus all of the things you will be missing out on if you don’t seek their assistance.

They present you with all of the best vacancies
If you do a job search by yourself then you are going to have to manually search through the wealth of different vacancies that are available. Not only is this time consuming but it is extremely frustrating as well. You are going to be met with jobs that are outdated and irrelevant. After all, standard job posting websites are very rarely updated and anybody has the capacity to post on them. However, agencies have direct control over who posts jobs on their website and therefore you can be certain that all postings listing are of quality and have not been filled yet.

They alert you whenever new jobs arise
If you were to job hunt by yourself then you would need to conduct a new search every single day. Employment agencies allow you to be much more efficient because they will alert you whenever a new vacancy relevant to your skills arises. Most companies will provide you with this alert via email or text message.

They have access to industry-leading software

The world of recruitment is ever changing. Over the past few years, there has been a massive shift in the industry and it has taken on a much greater importance for businesses as well as individuals looking for work. Recruitment agencies have had to deal with greater challenges. Bearing in mind the fact that at the centre of any agency lays their software, the applications agencies utilise have taken on greater importance as well. This is because they need to be easily updated, efficiently organised and have the capacity to hand a vast array of challenges. This benefits you!

This means that a lot of agencies have had to change the recruitment agency software that they utilise. They have had to search for software which has the potential to expand greatly. They need their database to be easily and effectively scaled down when doing searches to shortlist candidates via their key attributes – there is no longer time for manually searching through each individual’s details. For example, you need to be able to scale down candidates based on where they live within the radius of the job vacancy, how many years they have worked in the job sector required, and so on and so forth.

So why has there been the urgent need to shift from basic software to top of the range recruitment agency software? There are two reasons; the recession and the boom in the internet. Let’s deal with the former first. The recession has undoubtedly had a grave impact on those living in the US, even though it feels like such a long time ago. It has meant that more people are unemployed and so find themselves in desperate need of a job. It is a recruitment agency’s duty to find people employment possibilities as soon as possible. Nevertheless, whilst there is a higher supply of jobs, it means that finding the right candidate can prove to be a lot more difficult. If a job advertisement appears then there will be huge numbers of candidates applying, and some of them will have exaggerated their credentials or may not even be someone who remotely matches the job description. This makes creating a shortlist more complex and timely. Moreover, a lot of employers now prefer agencies to search through their database rather than posting advertisements so that they can search for specific, qualified and relevant individuals. This is why the software you utilise takes on a greater importance.

In addition to the recession’s impact on recruitment agencies, there is also the boom of the internet. Because the internet has progressed at a rapid pace over the last few months people are independently advertising their services or looking for jobs rather than utilising an agency. Recruitment agencies need to show clients that they can offer them a lot more than what they would get by doing it alone. Hi-tech recruitment software displays this. It shows businesses how recruiters can find someone who is much more suited to their vacancy. After all, most of those involved in the recruitment decisions at companies have actually had little training in interviewing and making decisions about employment.

All of this benefits you because it means that recruitment companies have state-of-the-art software in place, which will help you to find the best jobs and quickly. It reduces the risk of you being put forward for jobs that simply are not right for you. After all, the key to good recruitment is the company finding someone qualified and of a right cultural fight, and the same goes from your side – you need to be happy too.

They provide advice on CVs and interviews
The best recruitment agencies are those who not only provide you with different job vacancies but also give you all of the tools needed in order to offer you the best chance of securing these jobs. They will present you with tips regarding how to improve your CV. They will be honest if they think you need further training in certain areas. In addition to this, they will also give you specific advice regarding how to ace an interview you are going for. This can prove to be invaluable. Sometimes individuals are making one little mistake without even realising it and this has been seriously diminishing their chances of securing a job. Moreover, they can give you specialist advice for your specific industry. They know what works and what doesn’t. They also have unique knowledge and insight. For example, if you work in education, did you know you can get a teacher donation? This is a great way to boost your income and achieve more from your field. However, a lot of teachers don’t know about it. These unique snippets of information can be provided when you choose an expert recruiter in your field.

When you take these main points into account it is very easy to see why all job hunters need to take the help offered by leading agencies.

Become The Master Of Your Continued Education in 2019

It’s 2019, and that means it’s a great time to look at your goals, reassess what’s been working for you and what hasn’t, and figure out ways in which you can improve. If you want to make this year one of the most productive, successful years ever, then you might be thinking about focusing on your continued education. By focusing on this, you can improve all kinds of skills, get better at your current job, or become suitable for a totally different role. Whatever your reasons for wanting to continue your education this year, below you’ll find steps that will help you to become the master of it:

Dedicate Time To Study Each DayDaily practice is critical to your success if you want to become the master of your continued education. You have to dedicated time to study each day, even 20-30 minutes per day will make a difference. You could use a short amount of time to at least go over revision notes or type something up. Squeeze it in wherever you can!

Know When You are At Your Peak Focus

Start by paying attention to when you experience your most solid workflow without getting distracted or feeling the need to procrastinate, and then mark it down. This way, you can know the right time to sit down and study every day. However, you should make sure you take regular breaks in order to stay focused. People tend to work differently, but regular breaks can help you to keep your memory and focus sharp. Ensure you have a quiet place to do your work, too – even if this means you have to leave the house and head to the library.

Find The Right Learning Platforms For You

There are a number of learning platforms you can use to educate yourself. Youtube is great, and you can actually teach yourself hard skills here with the help of qualified professionals giving you information for free. Then there are books, audiobooks (which are fantastic for those who may have a commute or have to walk a lot), online courses that allow you to earn real credentials like those found on online msw, and even Udemy (similar to YouTube but varies in price). Make sure you look at each one and figure out which is best for you.

Get Used To Making Lists Of Your Priorities

Making lists of your priorities doesn’t come naturally to many people, but it can be massively helpful. When you have your list, make sure you do the hardest, ugliest, most important tasks first. This way, you won’t have to worry about them all day long and put them off. It’s all too easy to do less important tasks first and use them as a way of procrastinating. Oftentimes, the most important tasks don’t get done when you do this. Simply ‘Eat The Frog’ and get those tough tasks done!

Identify Your Biggest Distractions

By identifying your biggest distractions, e.g. Netflix, Facebook, emails, you can get vigilant with yourself and stop yourself from procrastinating with them. Remember your ‘why’ whenever you catch yourself wanting to procrastinate!

Finding A Company For Business Event Management

Do you have an important event to host? Some businesses opt to manage their events entirely themselves. While this can work for some companies, it can place an enormous strain on the business when employees could be focusing on the core of the company, i.e. what makes money. Instead, it is a good idea to take advantage of business event management services. You can get professionals to take care of your event for you, ensuring it is a huge success, and you can be sure that your business will not suffer. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover everything you should take into account when looking for the best event management companies.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you find a business that is willing to adapt to the requirements of your event. You may want a professional like an ADM Productions corporate event coordinator to oversee the entire event, whereas someone else may only want a little bit of help with particular aspects of the planning process. A quality company will be more than happy to adapt to this. They will also have all of the resources in place to completely plan the event that you want; you shouldn’t have to compromise. Aside from this, it is also a good idea to look for a business event management company that has a considerable amount of experience in the industry. You want to be confident that they have managed plenty of successful events time and time before. The last thing you want is for you to be their practise project. After all, most businesses cannot afford the dent in their reputation that comes from a poorly executed event.

All good companies will have a case study type section on their website where they will talk you through some of the events they have hosted so far. This is a good way to get an insight into the company’s level of capability. You will immediately get a feel as to whether this is someone you want to work on your event or not. The best companies have hosted all types of events and are able to handle differing briefs and requirements. You should also take a look at the feedback that has been left by previous clients. You should have no trouble finding relevant reviews online.

The final aspect that needs to be considered is the price. It can be tempting to go for the cheapest company you can find, but this is not advised, as these companies tend to be cheap for a reason. There is nothing wrong with searching for value for money, but make sure you have considered all of the other points in this post before the price comes into it. If you follow all of the tips that have been provided, you should have no trouble finding the ideal company for business event management, and your event will undoubtedly be a huge success.