World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

If you’re like many other people, you might have taken notice of the sudden increase in freelancers as of late, people who are taking their skills in hand and rather than working a traditional job with an employer, are contracting themselves to agencies or seeking their own clients. It can open up a lot of freedom in your work life but, as an introvert, you might think that it involves a lot of going out and chatting up clients. There are some freelance positions where that isn’t as necessary as you might think.

Data entry

Remote working has become the norm over the past few years. While some CEOs might be trying to claw people back into their offices to justify the rent they’re paying on their big buildings, things like data entry can easily be done remotely. As such, if you don’t mind work that can be repetitive, there are a lot of data entry positions that look for freelancers to come in and handle them rather than hiring internally.

Content writing

One of the biggest booms of the digital economy has been the sudden demand for content, be it website content, blog posts, social media, or otherwise. Even with the rise of AI (which has been fraught with error), a lot of clients are still looking for content writers that can give their websites the human touch. If you’re able to get work with one of the many content writing or SEO agencies out there, you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of contact with the clients themselves, too. You’re typically given your instructions and allowed to complete them as you set fit.


Not all freelance work revolves around sitting behind your desk, either. If you to get out of the house, then a driving career might be just what you need. This doesn’t necessarily mean going with a rideshare app and having strangers in your car all day. Delivery drivers and especially owner operator trucking jobs can pay pretty handsomely. The more specific the kind of vehicle that you’re licensed to drive, the more you can get paid doing deliveries or taking part in the supply chain of businesses that are almost always looking for new drivers.


Good with numbers? There are a lot of businesses that could be looking for someone just like you. Rather than accountants, who are specifically educated to be able to provide legal tax advice to their clients, bookkeepers typically keep on top of the accounts in a day-to-day manner. Managing and tracking the cash flow, generating reports on accounts for their clients, and ensuring that all transactions and financial records are kept secure and organized is most of the work done by the bookkeeper. The specialized nature of the job means that while you might be reporting to your clients somewhat often, you’re not going to have to do a lot of close work with other people.

There are definitely freelance roles that are suitable for introverts. You just need to consider what your skills are and which suit you best.