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If business has been going well for quite some time and your company is generating regular profit, now is the time to start considering some upgrades. One area that’s well worth considering is your office space, after all- this is the place where both you and your employees spend a significant amount of your time. Not only will a nice office allow for better productivity and better mood, but by investing in your own office building you could also save yourself money too. If you’re currently renting, each month or year your profits will take a hit as you pay whoever owns the building. Building your own office can seem like a big job, and there are are considerable upfront costs to bear in mind. However if you’re in it for the long haul with your business, it can certainly save you money over time and means you can design a space that works perfectly for your company. Here are a few things to bear in mind.



For some businesses, location is everything. If for example you’re a shop, or any other kind of business that relies heavily on foot traffic as a way to get customers, then you need to be in a prime location. Unfortunately this will cost more, but it could be the difference between success and failure in your venture. Some types of businesses simply need to be in the right position to be found by customers and so if you’re one of them then this is something to consider. If you don’t rely on footfall to generate customers for your business then you’re able to build your office a little further out where you’ll get more for your money. But location is still important to consider. You’ll need to consider how easy it will be for customers and clients, so look into things like transport links. Don’t forget to leave space for a staff car park on your plot.



The bigger you build your office the more it will cost, so it doesn’t make sense to go super size when you don’t need to. However you should bear in mind that your business might grow over the years meaning you need to hire more employees. That will mean you need space for them all to work. You should give yourself some room to expand, but without splashing out unnecessarily on lots of space that might not all get used. Consider if you will be able to extend outwards or upwards later down the line if you need to.


Connecting Up Utilities

If you’re going to be building from scratch on a plot that hasn’t been built on before (or has been wasteland for a number of years) then you need to consider the costs and practicalities of getting your utilities hooked up. Gas, electric and water can be expensive to have fitted depending on where you are and where the nearest mains are. If you’re going to be renovating an existing property it might be a little easier, you’ll just have to get a commercial electrician like in to make sure everything is up to scratch- as well as get a gas safety certificate when the plumbing and pipes are all done. However renovating an existing office isn’t always plain sailing, you could end up with things like rot, structural damage, pests and asbestos which you of course avoid when you’re building from new. Be sure to weigh up all of the pros and cons, and get quotes for getting hooked up to your utilities before signing on the dotted line.



Burglars like to target offices as they know that they’re full of high value equipment, sometimes cash and that they’re usually empty after 6pm. For this reason, it’s important to physically protect your office. Choose good doors and windows, things like a buzzer system to let people in and the use of key fobs for entry can be useful. CCTV and a burglar alarm are a must, and you could also consider things like shutters to lock up after hours. A metal shutter can be installed which pulls down over the door and locks, but during the day slides right the way up so it can’t be seen. The same is true of window shutters for lower floors, slide across the metal grilles and lock them and then in the day, slide them all the way back across. Invest in a good safe and ensure it’s hidden from view. It should be very secure and bolted down to the ground, that way thieves can’t just walk off if they do manage to get inside.




Natural light is a mood booster, and psychologists have shown that lots of daylight in the office can even promote productivity. This is something to bear in mind when you’re planning the design of the building. You will of course need to have blinds fitted so you can adjust the light accordingly, but positioning desks close to windows and really maximising the natural light you can get into the space will benefit your employees enormously.


Social Areas

Having social areas where employees can enjoy breaks will help the team get to know each other which can help to promote teamwork. It also means that your workers aren’t having to leave the premises every break and lunch time. It could be a small kitchenette area with some tables, or just a room with some comfy chairs and a coffee machine. You don’t have to go overboard if you don’t want to, but a comfortable and relaxing area where staff can sit during the times they’re not working is beneficial for them as well as you as the company owner.


Building your own office premises can be a massive job, but it’s a fantastic way to move your business to the next level. You can create something custom to you and save yourself money in the long run.


Have you ever considered building your own office premises? If so, had you thought about all of these factors?