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Relocating your office is a huge hassle. It can take a while to finish the job, but it’s worth it to get into a new space that you’re sure is for your business. If you have an office relocation on the cards, don’t leave it too late to start planning for it. You need to start thinking about how the move is going to take place and how you’re going to ensure your work won’t be disrupted too much. Keeping costs down is important too, which requires you to ensure everything is carried out efficiently. Here’s how you can plan your office move.



Plan Properly


You wouldn’t want to just start moving your office without thinking about it carefully. A successful office move is all in the planning, so coming up with a solid plan first is crucial. You’ll want to start with things like creating a budget and a schedule that you can follow. You can treat your move like any other project that you need to complete. Assign certain tasks to different people so you can get everyone involved. Making lists of things to do and knowing what will happen and when will keep your organized as you move.


Ensuring Business Continuity


Moving your office can mean that you struggle to keep working. You want to minimize the amount of time that you you need to spend moving and hours lost to the move. Good planning can help you to prevent this. You might want to get everyone involved in the move so that you can do it as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you might do it more slowly, moving a few people at a time so everyone else can keep working. Another option is to have a third place where people can work while you’re getting out of your old office and into your new one.



Get Your Tech Sorted


Technology can be one of the biggest issues when you’re moving your office. You need to get everything connected in your new office space so that your work isn’t delayed too much. When you’re planning your move, your IT outsourcing services might be able to help you out. If they’re already helping you with managed IT, they can make the swap to your new office a bit smoother. While you’re arranging other parts of your move, someone else can take care of the technical aspects of it.


Work As a Team


Moving your office means moving your staff too. While you might need some outside help from movers or other services, you can make things easier by ensuring everyone works together as a team. Get everyone to pitch in and do their part, whether it’s helping to decorate the new space or moving things around. Just make sure that you pay attention to health and safety when you’re moving. You don’t want anyone to get hurt, so look after your employees during the move.


Plan properly for your office move and it should all go smoothly. It can take a bit of time but once you’re in your new office, it will all have been worth it.