World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Personal branding is so important, especially when it comes to thought leadership. You need to ensure that you stand out, which can be a difficult thing to get right, especially when trying to promote your services. But this is where a website can make a big difference. What are the key aspects of a personal branding website that we all need to ensure are in place to show off our capabilities? 

Your Story

Much like the story of how a business came to be, we want our audiences to connect with who we are and how we got this far. It’s important to have it as part of your main web page, which can be tricky if you’ve got a big story to communicate with a large word count, but there are plenty of web design services that can help you lay this out effectively. 

An Image of You 

The first thing anyone should see when they arrive at your website is an image of you. You are promoting yourself, and we can all feel self-conscious, but the right image should make you look relatable at the very least. When you’re trying to show off your services, using images of you “in action,” which can show what you excel at, is a key part of any branding. 

A Section for Products and Services

Whether you are trying to promote thought leadership, your goal should be to show your followers what you can offer them so they get a taste of you. Services can include webinars, online courses, blueprints, and so forth. When we are promoting ourselves, we need to get into the habit of giving something away for free. This, as any experienced marketer would know, is a great way to get an email address so you can provide that first step in instigating a conversation between you and the followers. A lot of people will always want something for free, but this is where a great email marketing campaign ensures you can maintain a solid working relationship. 

Blogs and Other Media

A website without a blog is almost like a car without a wheel in this day and age! A blog can be a perfect way for you to showcase your thoughts, but it’s also an amazing way to remind followers that you exist. Ultimately, you’re paying a lot of money to keep this website up and running so you’ve got to get into that promotional frame of mind. The great thing is that you can use your website for a lot of different media, from blogs to vlogs and even podcasts. 

Much like anyone running a business, a personal website needs to be treated like it is a brand. The advantage you have over a business is that you are a very human product, so don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage. Humans are always more relatable than products and so you need to ensure that the website can showcase your personality in the right ways.