World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


There is a strong misconception that introverts can’t work in the service industry because they don’t like dealing with people. The small talk drains them and the thought of having to make endless conversation is too much… this isn’t necessarily the case.

Yes, there are undeniably areas in which extroverts excel, but the

same goes for introverts.
I used to work in Casino’s in England, which of course

means dealing with people. As an introvert I wouldn’t have been very good at dealing with the drunk Saturday night crowd who wanted to chat endlessly and needed to have the rules explained to them numerous amounts of times, but for the Tuesday afternoon, serious gambler crowd, I excelled. People actually asked for me to deal to them because of my efficiency and lack of small, much too personal talk.

In the higher end of the service industry, for waiting staff or bar tenders, not speaking is actually one of the preferences for the job. The clientele prefer someone who remains relatively silent and is fast and efficient… two traits that are very much associated with introverts. There’s absolutely no reason that introverts can’t work in the service industry, if the job is right.