World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Agriculture isn’t the sort of subject that most of us would care about. It’s just one of many industries and if you’re a city dweller, that usually means that you’d prefer to sit in an office than being on a farm and it’s understandable. After all, how many of us can safely say that we’d survive on a farm? Whether it’s the smells or the physical labor, it’s certainly not the most common industry for people to find a career in.


However, the agriculture industry has plenty of fantastic advantages for people who are more daring and willing to change. To help you out, we’ve put together a couple of possibilities and advantages that naturally come with a degree in agriculture.



Agricultural careers have a heavy emphasis on communication


We all know that communicating is important to any business, but it’s even more important to the world of agriculture because you’re essentially limited to what businesses you deal with and who you can look to for help. It’s a very tightly-knit community when you’re involved in the world of agriculture and this can be a great boon for people that love to feel like they have a place in the industry instead of feeling like a small cog in a large machine.


You get to explore the outdoors more


Many people would hate the idea of being outdoors, but some people absolutely love it. There aren’t many careers in city environments that involve being outdoors, and working in the agricultural industry is a great excuse to get out into the country and explore what the rural side of the world has to offer.


Food never goes out of style


Unlike many business ideas that we churn out these days, growing produce and selling it will never get old. As long as there are humans around, we’re always going to be in need of more food and with the demand of organic food on the rise, it only makes sense to get involved in the agriculture industry.


It’s a green business venture


Many people are turning to greener business ideas because they want to appear more trustworthy to consumers. There are ideas like waste management, green consulting and sustainable building material production, but agriculture and farming is arguably the most popular choice for people that want to get involved with eco-friendly business ideas.


There are countless opportunities


Thanks to services like Hansen Agri-Placement, it’s actually incredibly easy to get yourself a job in agriculture because of the high demand for organic products and fresh ingredients. Agriculture doesn’t mean you have to work on a farm, however. Agriculture can also mean that you’ll work as an agricultural consultant, a farm manager or even a soil scientist. The one thing that all of these roles have in common is that you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors or working in rural areas instead of being stuck in an office in the city. With so many opportunities, you’d be surprised at just how easy it is to get a job in this elusive industry.