World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Your skill as a leader isn’t just for work. The skills you have bleed into your everyday personal life too. In the same way, your day-to-day life will affect your skills as a leader. This is why it’s great to think about how your personal life might be making you a better or worse leader.

When it comes to hobbies, you are constantly learning habits and behaviours. Someone who enjoys sewing will learn patience as a benefit of their hobby. Someone who does fencing might learn to be aggressive and determined.

For introverts, hobby choices can be integral to the forming of their character. So, choosing the right hobby to make you the best leader you can be is essential.


Photography is a great hobby for introverts – you can do it on your own and thrives off of a strong internal voice.

However, photography as a hobby also teaches you some great lessons you can apply to being a leader.

When taking a photograph, you want to try out all sorts of angles. Some angles will make the photo look worse, while others will bring a whole new dimension to a photograph. If you want to know how to take a great abstract photo with an iPhone, follow this link: In the same way, it is important as a leader to look at a problem from different angles – or different perspectives. When you look at it from a different view, you might find a solution you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Similarly, when you have photography as a hobby, you will learn that there are several pieces of equipment that help you take good photos. For example, a tripod can help to keep a camera steady. When you are a leader, it is essential to know the benefit of having helpful people around. In the same way a tripod steadies a camera, an advisor can help bring stability to your leadership.

There are plenty of lessons like these you can learn from photography, making it a great hobby for an introverted leader.


Running is a great hobby because it can be very flexible. When you don’t feel you have the strength to see other people, you can run alone. However, you can run in a group or attend a race when you think you would benefit from seeing others.

Running is a wonderful hobby for several reasons – it gets you active and keeps you fit, all while offering plenty of skill development for you as a leader.

Primarily, running teaches you endurance. Especially for long-distance running, you learn the ability to just keep going. This is key as a leader; when you are a leader, you can’t show your team any signs of giving up. They might feel like they want to give up on a project, but you have to be the person cheering them on, telling them they can do it. When running, you might feel you want to give up regularly, but you know that, once you’ve stopped, it’s hard to start running again. The same is true of business – and this is an essential piece of knowledge to have as a leader.