World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Why do companies hire employees? Well, for the most part, it’s because a job needs doing. Yet there’s always something more than the exact task that needs carrying out, and that’s why a person is necessary. For instance, even as a fast-food worker, you may be expected to carry out a range of manual tasks each day to keep the business revenue coming in. Yet your competent smile and happy service that keeps customers coming back? Well, you don’t have to apply yourself to that if you don’t want to. Odds are, you won’t be fired for not having a smile all day long. Yet this is an element of your approach that can help you go above and beyond, as well as getting you noticed. Moreover, it curates a positive change at your workplace.

This ethic can be carried over to other jobs, too. This isn’t going above and beyond for your employer without being asked either, as applying yourself, creatively, to the good of a workplace can be quite a selfish and selfless act in the same run, as it makes your employment easier to enjoy and easier for you to growth in.

Let’s consider a few ways of achieving that, and why you might want to:

Stay Consistent In Your Values

It’s important to stay consistent in your values. It’s not enough to try and enact change for a week. This is why many companies right now are fundamentally reviewing how they approach their pursuit of diversity, or in making sure that harassment claims are absolutely taken care of and never put on the back burner just so it doesn’t embarrass management. As an employee and potentially a leader, it’s important to know just what our own values are, and how to stick to them. Staying consistent is a great way to start.

Be The Example You Wish To See

Some cliches hold real truth, especially if they’re tested and stand robust day after day. For instance, choosing not to engage in the gossip at work may not help you integrate fully into the social circle, but you avoid being part of a harassment campaign of another employee in that way, potentially ruining your relationship professionally and showing others that you’re not to be trusted. Sometimes, it takes someone with nerve to enforce standards, and it’s good to have nerve if you’re being ethical in the same stroke.

Report Harmful, Unethical & Illegal Practices

You don’t have to keep everything to yourself. Almost always, the best way for a problem to be resolved is for it to come to light. This is why aids like the Whistleblower Info Center can be such a boon. This way, you can make sure that your noticed issue is not only brought to light, but immediately handled, and that you feel properly advised throughout the process going forward.

With this advice, you can reinforce positive changes at your workplace with strength.