World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

In business, we learn new things all the time; each interaction brings about that experience that we can take into other parts of our professional lives. From reassuring clients and customers to learning how to cope with fluctuating problems. The most important lessons are the ones we learn ourselves, but also recognizing that in business, there are other industries we can use to teach us a thing or two. The manufacturing industry might not be your specialty, and might not directly affect your ability to do business, but that’s not to say you can’t utilize one of the following lessons learned by the manufacturing industry. 

The Power of Prediction

One small hiccup can cause a chain reaction that damages and hinders a business in the short term, such as downtime. But the fact is that downtime can be predicted. You can predict it by analyzing the potential for breakdowns and recognizing the things closer to home that you should be aware of. In the manufacturing industry, the quality of the work is determined by, not just the machines, but about the fittings. And while you may never need to encounter duplex 2205 fittings and what they can do for your business, the moral is simple: the right equipment will make a significant impact on your abilities to predict and prevent problems.

You Must Integrate

Integrated systems are one of the most important components to streamline practices. Many businesses are streamlining by incorporating ERP and CRM systems, making sales opportunities, and the entire journey of procurement, production scheduling, and shipping a seamless practice. If you are to make your business a dynamic entity, integration is essential. It’s not just beneficial for your functions, but when every part of your business has the complete picture of what is going on with the customer journey, it helps them to improve customer satisfaction and creates a better journey for everybody, thereby improving the culture of the business.

You Will Never Be Done With Your Journey

Lean thinking and lean manufacturing are both very popular practices in the manufacturing industry and the moral of these two areas highlights the importance of continuous improvement and development. The manufacturing industry was late to the party when it came to integrating, but it’s important to recognize that if we are to continue our success, we have no choice but to evolve. There are so many different opportunities coming around the corner, partly to do with the rise of technology, but also in the importance of how people are demanding more flexibility in their working lives. The person who sits back, happy with their progress is not going to last very long in their position. It is vital that you are an entrepreneur or looking to start up your own business that you use the lessons from the manufacturing industry to move forward. 

There are so many ways that we can learn in business. The manufacturing industry does things on such a grand scale that we have to look at what they are achieving. Even if it doesn’t necessarily communicate our wants and needs in business, they are the lynchpin for how to progress professionally.