World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Marketing subtlety is something that the world could honestly use more of. If you’re an introverted person trying to succeed, it’s likely you know the utility of thinking before you speak, and understanding your message before you say it. It also might pay to know how to be more intelligent with your wording, so as to attract a certain kind of business relationship. This also goes for marketing.


This small primer on marketing subtlety can help you establish your brand, and help it become more recognizable in the long term. We wish you nothing but the best success with this:


Simple, Repetitive Phrasing


Often, marketing subtlety means the opposite of what we initially think. We often believe that subtle means wordy, something that helps us avoid being seen as ‘that business’ with an overly corporatized scheme. In the effort to appear more human we might use long slogans, or simply use our power of communication in ways that seem overblown. However, never underestimate the power of simple, repetitive phrasing.


This can be subtle in its own right. Even a simple ‘try me’ on your small drink can might be tremendously useful when it comes to establishing the mass production of your label printing. Subtle is often calm, yet direct. Subtle is not the same as a long and ineffective means of getting a result. It simply does so in the quietest, most unobnoxious and calming way.  A small, fun phrase, or a tiny set of words can help your firm elaborate on its message. Don’t be afraid to take days or weeks crafting this, and implementing it into your product only when you believe it to be ready. This effort can be tremendously useful.




To know your demographic is to quietly sell to those people without need of overblown marketing campaigns. For example, if you sell foot massage apparatus and notice your sales a vastly in the majority for 45 – 60 year old women, then you can decide to either keep this steadfast lock on that purchasing base, or to expand more. This means ensuring you know how you’re approaching customers. Is it the product that brings in a certain audience, or the fact that you have only advertised through newspapers so far? This effort in analysis will help you apply a subtle change, and it might be more internal than you think. With this in mind, consider:


The Attitude You Craft

The idea of selling a product is to find willing recipients. The idea of buying a product is that someone buys into the attitude you are selling around it, and the atmosphere that permeates it. We make a leap of faith and purchase an item hoping it will do the same. Ensuring you tailor the attitude you craft around a certain product, from the fonts you use on your website to the method of advertising will encircle your output with an idea worth buying into. You can change this. You can make your restaurant seem more professional and less colorful and childlike to bring in a new clientele.


When all is said and done, this marketing subtlety will gift you a refined method of positioning yourself in the industry. It is the intelligent way to go about this. You’re definitely intelligent, so why not give it a shot?