World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Working with clients, especially as a freelancer, can be a nightmare. Often people who hire freelancers don’t seem to understand or respect that they are also running a business and have their own working methods and ways of doing things.

That’s where I think an initial onboarding call can be useful. You can hash out all the details of what you expect and what the client expects, followed by an email confirming all this information. Speaking to someone right away and getting all the details confirmed can save issues cropping up later on.

In this call you should cover:

• The length of the project and what hours you are available.
• The testing period, to confirm that you are the right fit for one another.
• Your best method of communication and how often you are willing to speak to them, so there aren’t any mishaps in that area.
• Then if they message you outside these communication times, tell them what to expect. Such as you will get back to them by the following morning, or you will charge a premium rate for urgent work.
• Payment terms. Do you expect them to pay you each week, or put down a deposit? Make sure that’s clear.

Always remember that you can also say no as well! If you cannot do something or you aren’t comfortable, freelancers can say no! You aren’t an employee, you are running your own business.