World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

It’s quite amazing to think of the ways in which technology has revolutionized every area of business life. From management and organizational tools, remote working, cloud backups and global access to files, to how viral marketing and social media management has become the new norm, to, of course, how many small businesses have cropped up outside of usual and conventional means.

Websites like eBay, DePop, Amazon and more are rife with these small businesses offering a range of handmade or niche products purely curated to help offer you something you simply cannot buy elsewhere. One service stands out above all in this regard – Etsy. Etsy is a brilliant means in which to sell handmade and bespoke products to a range of buyers around the world, and people can and do make a living from this effort.

But how can you best curate your own online store? What are the essential principles behind getting noticed, satisfying customers, and securing that worthwhile consumer confidence in the first place? You have a lot of hurdles to jump. Let’s help you get through them with a flourish:

Worthwhile Promotion

Worthwhile promotion of your online store is very important. For instance, check this guide to more easily understand how to promote etsy shop offerings. Promotion can mean using social media channels to get your name out there. It can mean allowing customer reviews and displaying them front and centre. It might simply mean running promotions or discounts on first-time orders, helping your work speak for itself. Simply sending a handwritten note alongside your delivery, with profuse thanks, can be quite a helpful means of staying open and positive. These efforts really do make a difference, and they get you noticed.

Consistent Branding

Consistent branding matters. It can really make a difference. If you have a different logo for your social media banners, your online store, and your packaging, then your outfit looks ramshackle and somewhat amateur. Hiring a freelance graphic designer or amaterur artist to provide you with some basic branding (and the rights to use it) can be very useful indeed. If you understand how to approach this, then you’re more likely to better present yourself to would-be customers. In that spirit, you’ll make more sales.

Customer Care

Of course, customers are much more than just people who purchase your item and go away happily ever after. Taking care of your customers is important. They need to feel like you care for them, that you respond to support requests, that you take on feedback, and that you care about a consistent quality of product. Having a customer-focused philosophy helps you keep your online store from seeming like a risk to trust, and more like a resource to come back to time and time again. Might this be offered through accepting full refunds where necessary? Might it be celebrating your customers? Might it be through promotions? The potential is yours.

With this advice, we hope you can run an online store in the best possible sense.