World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

First impressions mean everything. When you meet someone for the first time, you generate an impression of them from the very first moment; whether you mean to or not. And this impression tends to be one that sticks. This is no different when it comes to your business either. When people walk into your premises they instantly form an opinion regarding what they think your company is like. Therefore, it is imperative that you give them a reason to view your business in high regard.

Taking all of this into account, your reception area is one that holds the key when it comes to determining what your clients and potential clients instantly think about your business. Because of this, you need to give a lot of thought and consideration to how you are going to decorate your reception area. You need to create the perfect vibe between professionalism and a welcoming ambience. After all, you want your customers to feel at ease when they walk into your business, but you also want them to see your business as one of high stature too.

One of the most important things you need to think about is the chairs you are going to have in your reception. This is the most imperative piece of business furniture. You need to not only think about chairs for your receptionists, but you also need to provide somewhere for your customers to sit whilst they are waiting. Of course comfort is a crucial factor. Yet, when it comes to waiting chairs you should use this as an opportunity to add fun and style. There are lots of contemporary and quirky styles of reception chairs available for purchase today. These also provide you with the chance to add bright colours and vibrancy into your reception for an energetic and inspirational vibe. Alternatively, you can opt for a neutral scheme if you are trying to create a relaxing ambience.

In addition to this, another important piece of reception furniture is, of course, a desk. Because this is such a dominating feature in the room it is crucial to consider this carefully as well. After all, the desk you pick will have a big impact on the style of your room as it is likely to be one of the first things people notice. Reclaimed wood table tops are a popular and stylish choice. The key attribute you need to think about when purchasing a desk is its shape. There are lots of innovative and quirky desk shapes available today. Curved desks look a lot more interesting and professional in comparison to the standard desks you would find in any home or office space.

Once you have considered the chairs and the desk you are going to buy you have got the two most pivotal factors out the way. Your next concern should be the finishing touches – the parts that add personality to your reception area. You may want to incorporate paintings or perhaps a corporate photo of all your employees. The former is great for creating a fashionable space whilst the latter personalises your business. And lastly, you need to consider your colours too. Incorporating your business colours is never a bad idea. Nonetheless, no matter what you do, do not use too many colours as this will look confusing and unprofessional.