World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Not everyone likes to work with others every day. A busy office, surrounded by noise and lots of people isn’t everyone’s ideal work environment. The watercooler culture isn’t for everyone, and many introverts simply prefer to work alone.



If you prefer to work by yourself, there are some jobs you could consider that will pay the bills while also leaving you feeling happy and content. Take a look at four jobs worth considering if you like working alone – who knows, one of them could lead to your dream job!

1. Writer

Being a writer is a great job if you want to work by yourself. Whether you want to write novels, journalistic pieces or be a freelance writer – the majority of your time working will be spent on your own. While you don’t want to end up in a The Shining situation, finding a quiet space where you can let your ideas flow is a great idea. If you’ve got a way with words and are willing to spend hours each day with only your own thoughts for company, writing could be a great career path for you.

2. Truck driver

Driving can be very therapeutic, and if you love being on the road then becoming a truck driver could be a great job if you’re an introvert. With nothing but you and the road, you can listen to music or talk radio and enjoy the scenery – all while being paid. A search for local truck driving jobs can help you to find nearby opportunities, especially ones that offer training on the job. There are long hours involved in truck driving, but if you want a job that is very much a solitary one, then this could be your perfect match.

3. Freelance accountant or bookkeeper

There are some great jobs and career paths out there for people who want to work alone. The freelance industry is growing, and you can become a freelancer in many different roles and enjoy the peace and freedom of working for yourself. Being a freelance accountant or bookkeeper is one of them. Becoming a freelance accountant is one freelance venture that costs next to nothing to set up, and could become very profitable for you. If you’re willing to undergo all the training, then becoming a freelance accountant could be a fantastic career move for you.

4. Web designer

Web designers are in demand, so if you’ve got a way with computers, you could find yourself a great new career. Web designers tend to work off briefs provided by email, so your contact with others will be fairly limited. Being a web designer allows you to work from home easily, ad once you’ve got a few clients under your belt word of mouth will spread. Web design is a creative role with a lot of potential and could be just the thing if you like lone working.


Finding the right job fit is important to help you feel happy in your career and working environment. If you’ve got big ambitions, then the entrepreneurial route might be best for you. Believe it or not, there are some great entrepreneurial jobs for introverts that could help you forget a successful career. Explore the different types of roles that are out there to help you find the right fit for you.