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Whether you work as a freelancer or from home on a regular basis, one of your most important tools is your laptop. And if you don’t currently have one which does all of the tasks that you need it to, it is your work which could end up suffering. If you are currently on the fence about whether you need a new laptop or not, this article is going to provide you with a few surefire signs that it is time for an upgrade.



Your Laptop Weighs a Ton


If you find that your laptop is heavy and bulky, taking up way too much space in your bag and causing your shoulders to ache, it may be time to upgrade to a slimmer and more lightweight model. In the past few years, manufacturers have been finding ways to make their laptops smaller yet still more advanced. If your laptop is already several years old, you are likely to notice the biggest difference.


Your Laptop Overheats


If you notice that your lap feels on fire when you are using your laptop, your laptop is clearly overheating. The longer that you own a laptop, the more dust and debris that it is going to acquire and the slower that it is going to run. And when your laptop gets to be too hot, it could also end up being dangerous as well. So, this is a fairly clear sign that the time has come to upgrade to a newer model.


Your Laptop is Running at a Snail’s Pace


All older items of technology inevitably slow down over time. There are several reasons why this might be the case. It could be that your hard drive is completely full. It may be because of the overheating that we mentioned in the previous point. Or perhaps your laptop has become infected with some malware and other viruses. Whatever the case, you may be amazed by just how quickly your new laptop runs in comparison.


Your Laptop Needs to Be Plugged In All the Time


If you find that your laptop can’t go more than a couple of hours before needing to be plugged in, this can be seriously detrimental to your experience with it. Not only will you have to be on the lookout for sockets all the time, the battery may end up giving up on you at the most inopportune moment. Modern laptops are built to have a much longer battery life, so you can use them on the go without them causing you hassle.


Your Laptop Has Seen Better Days


The final sign that you are due for a new laptop is a simple visual and aesthetic one. If your laptop is covered in dents, scratches and nicks, this may be as good an indication as any that you should take it to an electronic recycling centre. And you should also invest in a decent case so that your new model doesn’t end up suffering a similar fate!