World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Interviews can be a nightmare for introverts, but if they want to work they have to go through them. It is said that almost one-third of the population in the US is introvert, so that is a lot of people having to face this problem.


Make Sure Of Some You Time


It is a common misconception that introverts do not like to be with other people. Generally, they do, but they also need time on their own. They usually prefer to work on their own as well. If you are an introvert facing a job interview, organize your day so that you have some you time just before you have to attend, and for afterward. If this isn’t possible, leave enough time to at least walk around the block on your own before facing the interview.


Be Ready For Small Talk


Most introverts will try to avoid small talk as they see it as pretty pointless. However, in an interview situation, you may have no choice and should be ready for it and do not show that you are frustrated by it.


Think of a couple of casual questions beforehand, so that you can engage in small talk without to much stress. For example, chat about the weather, or ask about hidden gems in the locality.


You have to remind yourself that small talk is how the interviewer will learn about you so be ready for it and deal with it the best you can.



Start And Finish On A High Note


If you greet the interviewer in a friendly and confident way, that first impression will stay with them. Most interviewers have made a decision as soon as you leave the room, so finish on a high note as well. A firm handshake and a thank you for taking the time to see me you can do wonders in the eyes of the person sitting the other side of the desk.


Be as confident as you can all the way through. Pretend you are having professional headshots taken, and hold your head high and with pride. Oh, and during the application stage, professional headshots can be a big help too!


Copy The Interviewer


You need to pick up on the tone of the interviewer and try to imitate it. If they use lots of hand gestures, you do the same. If they are calm and relaxed you should be that way too, no matter how much turmoil you feel inside. It always helps if to some extent you can mirror the interviewer’s body language, whatever it is.


Tell Them You Are An Introvert


You should not hide the fact that you are an introvert. There are many positive sides to it, and you should point those out.  Introverts are naturally good listeners, good observers and usually problem solvers, all of which are added bonuses to many types of employment. Let them know that your default style of communication is email or online, as these give you time to consider your answers before committing yourself.


Introverts may lack the spontaneity of extroverts, but this is exactly why as employees they often compliment each other.