World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

A refurbishment is often essential. Over time, buildings age. Wear and tear start to show, repairs are needed more often, décor begins to look dated, and older premises can even prove a dangerous hazard. Having a through refurb can improve your business, whether it’s an office, store or factory. It can increase productivity and boost morale. It can keep your staff and customers safe and happy. It can entice new customers in and give you a new lease of life. But, how do you keep things going while you are having work done?


Shut it Down


The easiest option is simply closing your doors for a little while, while the work takes place. This keeps everyone safe and gives your team a chance for a break. Closing your doors to the public also gives the time to focus on other areas of your business. You can perform detailed stock takes, start planning your next big marketing strategy, conduct staff appraisals and write a new business plan. It’s a chance to focus on all of those things that you don’t have time to give much thought when you are busy running your company.


But, can you afford it? Shutting down means losing money in the short-term. But, it can also mean that you risk losing customers down the line. If you do choose to close, make sure people know that you are coming back. Using social media is a fantastic way to keep your customers up to date with what you are doing, what’s going on and when you will be back.


Arrange Alternatives


Depending on what you do, you might be able to arrange alternatives. If you run an office of some kind, could your staff work from home? Or regularly meet in a co-working space? Could you use industrial tents and buildings as an alternative base while work is being done? Or even rent out an office for the short-term?


Offer Something Different


Of course, if you run a shop, restaurant, or another business that welcomes the public in, you’ll struggle to arrange alternative accommodation, and you certainly can’t invite people into a tent to browse your products. But, could you offer something different? Open a pop-up restaurant or shop and move around. Spend time catering or selling at shows, fairs and festivals. Spend time focusing on your advertising or offer your customers consultations. Think about your skills, your audience and what you could offer them that’s more than usual. This could be a great time to expand and build your business.


Get Online


The internet is exceptionally useful if you are facing downtime due to a refurb. Get online and use it as much as you can. Open an online store, selling your products, designs, ideas or services. Build a blog to keep people updated. Film and post some videos of the work being done, but also videos about your company and products. Add some advice and tutorials. See this as a time to grow your online presence and even to stretch a new arm of your company.


Come Back with a Bang


Start building excitement for your relaunch as soon as you’ve got a date. Add a countdown to your website and social media pages, post sneak peaks and offer a welcome back deal.