World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Do you feel like your business should be so much bigger than it is? We all have that feeling at some point or another, because we all want our business to eventually become the best it can be, and to have customers flocking from all over. In reality, getting to this position is just so hard, and it’s not something that everyone will get to do. But, part of this is due to the fact that you just aren’t reaching the customers that you need to reach. There’s so many people out there who you will fly under their radar for many different reasons. That’s so much potential profit that you’re missing out on, and we want to try and fix for you! If you feel as though your reach to customers could be much higher, then let us help you. We’ve got a few ways that you can do just that, without having to break the bank or seem super pushy. Have a read on, and see if our tips can help you reach those all important customers!



Customer Contact


The way in which you contact and interact with your customers is so important. There are so many companies out there who view their customers as a whole, rather than an individual, and that’s what we want to try and address. It’s the individual approach that you need to adopt, and so much can come out of it if you do. If you make a customer feel like, at that moment, that only they matter, then what you get out of them will be so much better. To do this, you need to personalise their experience as much as you possibly can. Focus on getting to know them, how they are, and exactly what they’re looking for and what reason. The further you dig, the further you understand. A lot of you might be thinking about how much effort this sounds like, especially when your day is obviously so busy already. But, is it really too much to ask to pop a few extra questions in when you contact your customers? Plus, you’ll have employees working for you who’s job it will be to keep your customers happy, and keep them coming back, so this information is something that you can pass on to them for the better. When you are contacting them, either through email or through the telephones, or even during face to face contact, it’s so important not to be pushy. The amount of companies who try to force their products or services upon a potential customer is growing, and the amount of customers walking away is increasing with it. A pressy sales technique is only going to get you a bad reputation. The conversation needs to be natural, and if a person wants to buy the product, they will. All you need to do is make it sound good, rather than telling a person they should buy it.


Marketing Techniques That Work


Marketing is obviously the main way that you’re going to be able to reach your customers, and if it isn’t working for you at the minute, then there’s obviously a thing or two that you’re going to have to change. First of all, you need to think about something that most people check every single day of their lives, their emails. Email marketing is such a good way for you to contact your customers, but with new EU laws, you need to make sure that you’re following guidelines, and that all the people you’re emailing have previously signed up to receive them. If not, you could have a big problem on your hands! However, if you have a list of people to email, you need to first think about what you’re trying to get them to do. If it’s to sign up to a trial, a membership, or the buy something new, then you have to make sure you’re clever about how you do it. A drip email automation system is the way forward. Once all the data has been input, it will be able to register who has actually signed up, and who hasn’t. That way, the people who have signed up can be removed from that particular email. This is such a good system, as there aren’t many out there who actually remove the customer once an action has been completed, meaning they could receive repeat emails. Emailing can be seen as spam, and if something like this were to happen, there is a chance that you could face penalties, and you definitely will annoy your customers! Another thing that people check daily is obviously social media, and it’s a great tool if you use it right. If you’re using it at the minute, but don’t feel like you’re getting enough attention, get in touch with a social media marketing company, and see if they can take the reins from your accounts.


Improving Customer Satisfaction


It’s all well and good bringing in the customers, but if they aren’t satisfied with the treatment that they’re getting from your company, then you’re never going to truly get anywhere with them. You need to be on the ball, making sure that every single customer leaves their time with your company satisfied. A lot of it will be to do with how you interact with them, which is something that we have discussed earlier on in this article. But a lot of it is going above and beyond to make sure that they’re happy. Try follow up phone calls or emails, free drinks in the store, a section for children to play whilst the parents shop. Anything at all that you can think of that will make your customers lives easier for them, you should try and do! You could always do a survey to find out what they think could improve satisfaction as well!


Boring Approaches

If your customer approach, or the way in which you contact customers, is boring, then you’re never going to get the attention that you need. Your company needs to be bright, colourful, bold, interesting. You name it, your company needs to have it. If you’re not standing out from the crowd, you’re never going to be that one company who everyone sees. Add some flare to your marketing campaigns, spread your name as far as you can, and have a fun ethos about your business.