World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

As a business owner, you put a lot of trust and jobs on the backs of your members of staff. Have you ever sat back and calculated how much your staff do for your and your business? Once you realise that without the backbones of your team members your business wouldn’t be where it is today, you’ll realise that you need to be the best boss possible so that your team members work hard, professionally, politely, and also respect the needs and demands of the business. Not sure on how you can be a great boss? Check out these tips and suggestions so that you can further encourage your staff to do their best.



Provide for your staff

While this isn’t a must, providing refreshments and snacks for your staff can make the world of difference to how they perform. Being able to get themselves a drink and a small snack when they’re feeling drained will help boost their productivity and morale. A hungry and dehydrated team member won’t work as well as one that isn’t. Consider buying a vending machine for your staff to indulge in!

Praise them

One of the most common things that bosses forget to do is praise their staff for their efforts. Perhaps your team has dealt with a particularly difficult task, or met a deadline that seemed impossible? You should be utilizing the experience of veterans in the business world and praising them so that they are motivated to work hard in the future too.

Stand up for your staff

Another faux pas that bosses make is not standing up for their staff when they are dealing with a disgruntled customer. It’s likely that you’ve trained your staff on how to deal with these situations, so if you’re needed to back your staff up, then do so! Going against what your team has said will undermine them and also make your business look unprofessional.

Reward hard workers

In every workplace, you will have the people that put their all into their work, and others who simply do the bare minimum at work. Make sure that you’re rewarding the harder workers so that you can show you appreciate how much hard work they are putting into making your business as successful as it is. This could be by allowing them to leave early, or even buying a bunch of flowers every now and then. Doing this will also make the rest of the team see what they could be getting if they worked hard too!

Encourage team building

Finally, it’s essential that a team of people can work well together for the sake of your business. Try and do some team building exercises so that there isn’t any office drama and your team members can get along as colleagues and maybe even friends! You will soon notice the difference in your office atmosphere!