World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

There seems to be a certain school of thought that says you have to either choose a job that is creative or pays well. It’s unfortunate, but there is no way you will be able to find a creative job that comes with an attractive salary. After all, just look at most of the famous writers and painters of the past couple of centuries. Quite a few were penniless in their lifetime, and their works only became critically acclaimed long after their deaths, so they were unable to reap their success. But is this school of thought right? Is it always impossible to earn a good living when working in a creative field?


As a matter of fact, it isn’t always true. In fact, you can find work that is both creative and well-paid! You just need to know where to look. Here are a few job ideas that you might like the sound of.



A Chef


If you are good in the kitchen and coming up with new meal ideas, then becoming a chef could be the ideal job for you. There are many colleges around the country that offer cookery causes and the qualifications needed to become a full-time chef. After you are qualified, it’s worth looking for an internship in a professional kitchen before you find your first job. Most chefs go onto open their own restaurants once they have a few years experience behind them. Once you’re the head chef, you’ll be able to make a significant salary. After all, just look at the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. If you are able to gain a Michelin star for your restaurant, then your salary will jump quite significantly!


A Gallery Manager


If you love art, you have probably already considered trying to find a job in a gallery. Unfortunately, though, most of the entry-level jobs in art spaces aren’t that well paid. You need to set your sights on becoming the manager of the gallery! Even though it will take you a while to work your way up to this top spot, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to as long as you are dedicated and show that you are willing to work hard. Once you are a gallery director, you will be able to plan the future exhibitions and any other kinds of shows that take place in the creative space. Not only that, though, but you’ll be giving the chance to work closely with the artists and help them bring their artworks to life.  


A Full-Time Carer


Even though it may not sound like the most creative job going, working as a skilled care professional does actually require you to rely on your creativity. That’s because you will need to plan your patients days and make sure that they enjoy a lot of different activities that keeps them stimulated and engaged. You will also benefit from a fantastic salary. All jobs in healthcare are well paid, and being a carer is certainly no different!


A Graphic Designer


Now that we use a lot more tech in our lives, more and more IT and tech-based work is requiring individuals who have creative backgrounds and experience. One such technical job is a graphic designer. As a graphic designer, it will be up to you to come up with all of the creative ideas for various online media. For instance, a company might hire you to help them come up with some new branding and a logo for their website. There are also some graphic designers who don’t work with tech so much, though, such as those that work on advertising campaigns. If you become one of them, you will simply need to come up with the designs and then a member of the company’s tech team will do all the technical stuff afterwards. One of the best things about working as a graphic designer is that you get the chance to be freelance if you want to. And that means working on your very own terms and being your own boss!


An Animator


Do you always find yourself doodling little pictures and cartoons? If so, why not think about trying to become an animator. As a professional animator, you will be tasked with creating cartoons and drawings by hand for companies to use in promotional materials. That’s not the only thing that you might end up working on. Lots of modern animators now also create video animations using the likes of stop-motion technology. These could still be used by businesses for their video marketing materials, but once you can create animated videos and media, it is more likely that you will move into entertainment. For instance, a movie studio might want to hire you to work on developing their next children’s movie!


A Journalist


If you love writing, then you can always try to put those skills to good use by becoming a journalist. It’s a journalist job to report on all of the latest goings-on in the world. There are various types of journalism, and you might want to focus on just one specialism. For instance, some journalists might focus on politics while others will write solely about business and the economy. The best way to go about becoming a journalist is to study journalism at university and then take a couple of internships with your local newspaper. This should give you all the experience you need. It’s also possible to learn this trade on the job, though, so you can always study something else at university if you prefer. In fact, many journalists come to the profession later in life.


Video Game Designer


If you are a fan of gaming, then becoming a video game designer could be the best creative job for you. It’s a job that pays well and also gives you the chance to help create the stories and characters that go into the games you design. This is also a fantastic job for those of you who aren’t so keen in gaming. As long as you are a good storyteller, then you should be a good fit for the role!

So, which job takes your fancy?