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Becoming a lawyer is every high achiever’s dream. Not only are lawyers essential facets of democracy, they represent justice and law and order in the world, and are there to serve justice in whatever form it takes. Becoming a lawyer is, as you can imagine, not an easy feat; across many nations it requires a university degree, plus further training and specialisation, before you can practice as a lawyer. Passing the bar is a huge achievement, but first, you have to attend law school. In this blog, you will find tips on how to handle law school pressure, plus inside information on what law school is really like. 

Get used to competing. 

If you are not a naturally competitive person, perhaps law school isn’t for you. Just like most prestigious qualifications, attending law school is highly competitive, even after you have been given a place at an institution. People who pursue a career in law tend to be competitive and intelligent, a combination which can result in having a lot of big personalities in one room! To be a lawyer you need to enjoy the competition of prosecution or defence, and be a stickler for detail, so start forming opinions about how justice should be served. If you want to succeed and thrive at law school, get used to competing with your fellow students. While of course it is important to make friends and be a community at university or graduate school, it is also vital that you get your head in the game and stay hungry. 

It’s not much different to other graduate degrees.

You might think that becoming a lawyer would involve hands-on work in the criminal justice system in order to learn the ropes. While completing a pupillage is an important step in your law career, first comes a whole lot of learning. There will be a lot of classic studying, lectures, essays and seminars before any of the fun stuff begins. Prepare yourself for a thoroughly academic experience, not a re-enactment of How To Get Away With Murder. 

Volunteering helps.

If you are thinking of applying to law school, make sure to volunteer within the field of criminal justice to boost your application. This could be shadowing a professional lawyer, getting an internship at a law firm or something more hands-on like working with previously incarcerated individuals or working within the police force. Every little helps when it comes to standing out in a highly competitive environment like law school.

Get Extra Help.

If you want to study hard and get amazing grades, consider getting extra tuition or online help from certified tutors and other online sites like Uworld which will help you study smart for your exams. Using well-renowned revision techniques and accessing educational resources will boost your ability to focus, study efficiently and maximise your chances of earning a place at law school. Once you are accepted into law school, the fun really begins – ensure you carry through this disciplined mode of study and you will thrive in a highly competitive academic environment.