World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Managing a team for the first time is a huge responsibility. The moment that you step into the role of being a boss, the whole dynamic of the workplace will change. You will need to work extra hard to bond with your team and to make sure that everyone else gets along in the workplace. Here are some of the great ways to get your team to bond this year.




The most crucial part of being a great leader and not a dictator is being able to communicate with your team and being able to be transparent with them. It is crucial that you share everything with the team even if it is a work issue you are having or something going on in the company. By being open with your team and taking the time to solve issues together, you will gain their trust and respect for the future.


  1. Support Your Team


It is very important for managers to always support their workers. As a manager, you have a huge responsibility to make sure that your workplace accommodates everyone and that your team is happy. People often suffer from stress or anxiety in the workplace, so if you see someone who appears to be struggling with this you need to take the time out of your day to support them fully. Think about sitting down with them and talking it through, and also think about how you can change the team dynamic to better accommodate them. Supporting your team members will show them that you care.

  1. Invest In Their Career


Even if you love the way your team is set up right now and you don’t want anything to change, people will always want to progress in their careers and get to the next level to support their loved ones. You need to think about supporting your employees through their career and think about offering them the training they need to succeed in their chosen field. At the end of the day you want your employees to stay with you for years to come, and even if they get promoted from their role, they will still be likely to stay with the company if you offer them the training they need.

  1. Say Thank You


Gratitude is the mark of a great leader and a great boss. If one of your employees has done some amazing work or come up with a great idea, don’t ever take the credit for yourself. It is important that you show your team members that you appreciate the work they put in, and that the work they do will be noticed. For example, if your boss walks into the room to congratulate you on a good project, make sure to point out who did what and show your team that you do pay attention. It will increase employee morale hugely.

  1. Get To Know Them


Show an interest in your employees’ personal lives. Now, we aren’t talking about becoming besties with your team members, however, you do want to have some sort of relationship with your employees outside of the usual work stuff. Make an effort in the office to start a conversation about your life. You will open up to your team but also you’ll be inviting them to share information about themselves. It can be a wonderful way to bond as a team and feel like a tighter working unit.


  1. Create A Positive Workplace


The place you work day to day is more important than you think for making your team bond. No one wants to work in a dark, cramped and plain office space. It is uninspiring and it can make people more reluctant to talk and get along because it is a negative place to be. Bring some light and life into your office with communal seating areas for casual meetings, an open kitchen and dining area, and outdoor space for quiet time and a bright office where everyone can decorate their own desk space. This will bring personality and character to the office and encourage conversation.


  1. Team Build


If you want to escape the office for a while after a stressful week, why not try an escape room? Team building is always a great way to bond, but a lot of the time team building ideas are just boring. To avoid boring team building activities, you can try an escape room which will test your team working skills as well as your brain power. It will be a fun break from normal office life and it gives everyone chance to bond.