World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

The world of work is incredibly competitive these days. With more people than ever applying for each position, it’s getting harder to beat the competition and land your dream job. Experience and qualifications are important but when you get to the interview stage, everybody is likely to have the same as you. The thing that employers are looking for, and the thing that sets you apart from the rest, is the skills that you have. There are plenty of job specific skills that come through experience but there is also a load of more general skills that are applicable in almost every role. These are the most universal skills that will land you any job.



Computer Skills


Every business relies heavily on computers so employers will expect all applicants to have the basic skills they need to get by day to day. But if you’ve got advanced computer skills, you’re a great asset to them and it’ll put you a step ahead of the competition. If you really want to boost your chances, you should take some advanced computer skills courses in your spare time. There are some great Excel resources out there which are perfect because pretty much all companies use the program a lot. Learning how to do basic repairs on computers is a good idea as well because having somebody around the office that can do quick fixes is great for an employer. Learning these things in your spare time also demonstrates that you’re dedicated and hard working which employers will obviously love.




People often forget about creativity in the workplace but it’s an incredibly valuable skill. Somebody with a creative mind is an asset to businesses because they’re great at thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas to push the business forward or make things more efficient. They also have good problem solving skills because they can come up with more creative solutions. If you’re a particularly creative person, you need to play on this in the interview and make sure your potential employer knows that about you.


Interpersonal Skills


Almost every job involves working with others so interpersonal skills are very important. Somebody that gets on easily with people from all walks of life and can work effectively with anybody they need to is always going to have an advantage. They’re also good for certain specific job roles like customer service or sales where you’ll be dealing with customers on a regular basis.


These are all important skills that will help you to land pretty much any job out there but don’t worry if you don’t have some of them. They’re all skills that can be learned fairly easily if you know how. There are all sorts of books out there that can teach you this stuff. You could also just do a quick online search for the skill you want to improve and you’ll find plenty of tips and advice. The key to getting ahead in the job market is constantly focusing on personal development and improving your skills.