World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

People are funny, aren’t they? We all look different, have different tastes and likes and dislikes. We all have different personalities and quirks that make us exactly right for our spot in the world. Everyone is different, and we generally like to group people into two camps: the extroverts and the introverts. We have predetermined ideas of both camps, with introverts assumed to be shy and quiet and insecure, and extroverts brash, open and the life and soul of the party. All of this is a total myth. Introverts can be as loud and proud as they come, but the biggest difference here is that extroverts thrive at any time and introverts need the right environment to blossom.

The one thing that introverts have is the ability to be quietly successful in their careers, and when design and creative careers are chosen, they thrive. Authors, graphic designers, web designers and any career that involves blooming creativity is good for those who enjoy working within themselves, drawing creative inspiration from the world around them as they go. Introverts have a unique and different perspective on things, and so in a creative career such as marketing or web design, an introvert has the potential to make user centred design their baby, and the result of this is pure design magic. To understand how an introverted person can be amazingly creative, check out the list below:



Introverted People Have The Best Ideas!

This is true of both outgoing people and introverts, but introverts have a knack for being okay with being alone to figure things out. Brainstorming as a group can be distracting and difficult to manage for introverts, as a lot of voices can be quite claustrophobic. Brewing the best ideas alone and then sharing them later can be exactly what’s needed. It’s not always done in silence, either, but if you are a creative mind that can often do better with music in the background playing, you may not be as introverted as you think!

Introverted Creatives Have Focus

This one is almost true. Did you know that dopamine is a chemical in the brain that gives us that motivation to go out and chase our dreams? Well, introverts don’t need as much of this to be released as extroverts. Introverts have the ability to feel overstimulated by too much excitement in their work and in their life, which means that they can spend more time being focused on their work compared to extroverts. When you have a big creative campaign ahead, you know you’ll be able to conserve your energy in excitement for focusing on the job, motivation to get it right and mindfulness.

Introverts Are Mindful

Speaking of mindfulness, introverts have the ability to absorb the whole environment around them. They think outward and so when it comes to being creative, they are able to take in details from around them to concentrate effectively on their environment. This means that when it comes to designing a new company website or writing and running a campaign for work, introverts can focus on the task at hand and draw ideas from the world around them. This mindfulness means that people who are introverted can make the best designers.



Introverts are excellent creatives, but so are extroverts. Knowing how to use your strengths to your advantage and do well in your job is going to further your career in ways that you didn’t know possible. Being creative and having an outlet for that creativity is going to be everything that boosts your confidence and more when it comes to working hard for something beautiful. The autonomy that you can get at work when you are aiming for a career in a creative environment can be everything that you need to be the best designer possible. Using a design career to play to your strengths is not only a smart business decision, it’s a smart personal one. You’ll be able to be the quiet one in meetings, absorbing the world around you and taking in everything that you need to without being called on to answer questions; the dream of an introvert!

Your creative tendencies come from your ability to shine in a quiet way, and it’s these abilities that are going to take you very far in your career of choice. Being an introvert isn’t a hindrance when you’re going to be successfully pushing yourself to the top of the ladder in your business.