World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Being a doctor is one of those professions that is seen to be one of the major pillars of society. It commands respect, is a difficult job, and, as a result, it’s not the most natural choice for an introvert. But, in fact, having introverted tendencies can lend itself very well to the rigors of hospital shifts. So if you are considering this approach in life, what makes you, as an introvert, supremely suited?


An introverted mindset can mean being viewed as over emotional. And while there are many doctors that argue the point that being over emotional is to the detriment of the profession, having a steady balance between the two, and having empathy with patients and family members, especially when facing death, is an essential quality. We’ve all experienced a doctor that appears to be robotic, and this ends up tainting our experience of the hospital, regardless of how positive or negative the outcome. And although you need to look after yourself and provide the right balance, it’s important that you show enough humanity.

A Sheer Focus

When on the hunt for suitable staffing roles, you may begin to think that your overall personality type might not serve you well because of the outgoing nature of the role. But, in the role of a doctor, especially when undergoing staff training, you can slowly begin to develop confidence in the appropriate areas. Many physicians talk about the idea of mental preparation, especially before they go on shift. This well of strength can provide you with that focus to complete a task with unwavering concentration. When looking for a suitable position, location can come into play, where you might find that it’s better for you to start off with a smaller practice. There are numerous resources that can help with this, the Locum Tenens physician staffing options how many, and can give you the confidence to choose a place of practice that benefits your temperament. But it’s important to remember that with every aspect of the profession, there will be times where you feel out of your depth. This is something that every doctor goes through, and so, your sheer focus will give you that inner strength to perform tasks efficiently.

Being Approachable

Every doctor goes into the profession wanting to do their utmost to provide care for those in need. Being and introverts in a powerful position that like a doctor means you are not standoffish, or bullish in any way, but rather, you are more approachable. As a result, this gives you a far better position when speaking to family members who are constantly putting up the defenses. Being calm, quiet, and focused, gives you a sense of strength that is more identifiable with others.

It can be a profession that comes with extreme highs and lows, but being a doctor doesn’t just require skill, it requires human qualities that benefit everybody. As a doctor is one of the pillars of society, it can be easy to abuse this power, and as we see so many doctors over the years become hardened, or unapproachable, it’s these people that make us reticent to go for treatment in the first place. You have a gift that endears you to people, so use it.