World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Running a small business is no easy feat, and when you’re doing it alone, you’re putting yourself in a position where you are working hard in the hope that everything will unfold according to your business plan. Entrepreneurs as a rule are optimistic, excited and independent people, and if you are an extrovert you’re very likely to do well. Introverts are often on the receiving end of a bad word in the business world, but there are some things that you should know if you are an introvert. The first is that you are very likely to succeed at what you are doing. The second is that asking for help is a GOOD thing, even if it’s not in your confidence remit to do so.

Going it alone in business makes it, well, lonely. You are putting all your eggs in your own basket without much back-up, and that can be difficult when you need some guidance, some motivation or a working capital loan. Being able to understand where you need a helping hand is one thing, actually seeking that help and asking for it is going to greatly depend on your personality and whether you are the type of person who is able to do that. A lot of business people – both extroverts and introverts – are unable to ask for help sometimes. It’s just something that’s built into their personalities. Needing to ask for help is not a weakness, despite popular belief. Being able to say that you need a hand with something is a strength. You wouldn’t jump into the sea and then be determined to save yourself by yourself, would you? You’d probably yell for help from a lifeguard.



A lot of the time, embarrassment is the reason that we don’t ask for help, but in business embarrassment doesn’t have a place. If you want to be a success, you need to be able to take a breath and be brave, and it really is bravery to be able to ask someone in the professional world to help you out. There’s a feeling of renewed energy when you tell someone that you are struggling. Knowing that the help is there and having someone willing to give you a hand when you ask is a boost to the confidence that dwindles so much! Your sense of purpose is renewed when you know someone is willing to be there for you.

The best reason to ask for help in your business is because of the ability to grow. You will be able to not only further your business, but further your professional experience, simply by asking someone to help you out on a project. If you don’t want to outright ask someone for help, you could seek a mentor in your field to admire from afar while you work up the courage to speak up. Not everyone will ask for help out of sheer pride, but if you want your business to grow and change, you need to put that pride aside.