World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

It’s not like there is something inherently wrong with introverted women, or introverted people in general. People tend to be different, and some just don’t work too well in more social scenarios. Not all of us have to be the life of the party, and not everybody has to be the most outgoing person imaginable. We are all different, and some people, despite their rather weak social side, have become extremely successful people. In fact, several tech industry leaders were originally the stereotypical “nerdy kid in the class type”, but ended up making it big anyway. At the end of the day, if have some real skills or qualifications, and somebody recognises this, then you can be well on your way to having someone else take care of your social arrangements for you. In fact, it is now easier than ever to get your name out there nowadays than ever, even if you’re bad at putting yourself out there in person. If you wish to find out how, then keep on reading because we are going to see just how you can go about doing that without the need for being outgoing whatsoever. Doesn’t that just sound great?



Good ol’ advertising


While times may be a-changin’, people are still walking on two feet, for the most part, and they still go outside. If you happen to be in an office or a building where you work, then you are already a step ahead. You most probably have a few windows which you could call your own, allowing you to put whatever you wish up in them for everyone passing by to see, and what better thing to show than the services you offer? Companies like Feather Flag Nation specialise in, you guessed it, custom feather flags, but also produce a range of other banners. If you don’t particularly have the space for a feather flag to put up somewhere but would still like to get a slightly smaller flag somewhere up in the window or a vinyl banner, then you should consider doing just that for some passive exposure. Keep in mind that even if you don’t have an office, you could put one up in your very own window in your house or flat.

Making a mark in the 21st century


If you’re looking to get your name out there in the first place, then the chances are that you are not too well known at the moment. With that, it’s probably also safe to assume that you do not have a gigantic budget which you could dedicate purely to advertising like some of the bigger corporations which have the opportunity to bombard us with their logos and slogans at every corner. Fortunately for you, we are living in the times that we are, and for about the past decade the online world has been picking up more and more traction. In fact, looking at the statistics, the amount of internet users in the world is only growing with each year by a rather substantial amount. Whether you choose to blame that on the more mainstream appeal of social media which happens to be located on the internet, or the fact that in 2007 Apple has made the internet accessible to just about anyone from their very own pocket with the iPhone, is up to you. But the truth is that the numbers are undeniable and if you want to have a way to both gain some sort of online presence, and remain sitting comfy in your office or your house rather on the street handing out fliers, then online is the place to be.


How to internet 101


The internet has originally been the home to introverts all over the world way before the general public picked it up, so being on it should feel right at home for the less socially capable. Tech enthusiasts and other people of the sort have been posting on Usenet since the 90s, way before the age of Facebook and Google took over. However, since those are now the top dog and the go-to place to be if you want to gain some sort of following online, then we will be sticking with those for now.


Social Media


You are probably already relatively familiar with some sort of social media, after all, it’s hard to avoid it nowadays with even some employers asking for your social media accounts when you start working for them, you are almost expected to have one at this point. Not that it is surprising to hear when Facebook alone has had 2.2 billion active users by the fourth quarter of 2017, which is almost a bit scary to think about. Other than Facebook you have all the other social media tagging along, which are not very comparable in terms of popularity, but are still considerably sizable and should not be ignored if you are trying to garner an online following.


Faceless corporations not welcome


No matter which platform you decide to go for, keep in mind that social media is not an advertising platform in a traditional sense. It’s a social media site first and foremost, where people go to see what other people they care about are posting rather than to see corporations trying to force their newest product or service onto them. In order to have any actual kind of engagement from your audience, the content you put up on your accounts, in itself, should be engaging. Don’t just post “I provide X services” or “I run X company please look at my website”, because that’s not going to entice anyone. Try to mix up your content, post various things which could be considered a bit more light-hearted, which people wouldn’t mind seeing in their bit of spare time they had to scroll down their Twitter feed or Facebook wall. Post about current events, possibly even some humorous content if you’re feeling a bit brave, and some neat tidbits here and there which could actually be interesting to the average person. As well as that, you can sneak in some subtle promotion about yourself in every now and again.