World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Believe it or not, the number of new businesses established during 2020 surpassed 800,000. That is a staggering figure considering we were in a worldwide pandemic situation. What this shows is that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking. If you have decided to set up your own business then you may need to consider developing a sales strategy. In its simplest form, a sales strategy is a document that sets out your objectives in terms of growth goals and how you are going to achieve them. Having a sales strategy will allow you to set out a plan of where you want to business to go and how you are going to get there.   

Outline Your Messaging

It is important to establish your message at the outset. This isn’t about the features of your products, it’s about showcasing the value your product has to potential customers. This means understanding the real value you can offer customers. Until you have this message clear, there is no point in advertising for the sake of advertising.

Tell A Story

Have a sales strategy that tells a story. This means putting yourself in the shoes of your customer rather than just imparting facts about your product or service. Connecting with customers is so important to improving sales. If you have a personal story, share it. This will bring it to life for your customer and it will resonate with them. 

Sales and Marketing

It’s important to align both sales and marketing. Marketing is the vehicle you use to get your message out and it can lead to sales so it’s important to ensure the two are in sync with each other. It’s also important to look at the market into which you are entering, for example,if you are setting up a business on Amazon then ensuring you have the best tools for Amazon sellers at your disposal will help with both sales and marketing.

Organize Training

Ensure you and your employees are trained in the most effective marketing and sales strategies. This can be undertaken in-house or you could use an outside training organization. It’s important to understand emerging trends to determine how you can keep your sales strategy and techniques up to date.

Set realistic Sales Goals

Be realistic about what you can achieve and how you will achieve it. With sales, you will need to know how many you can make and at what timescale. Take on board the time you have available to do this and the size of your market. Taking account of the resources available to help you achieve the sales goal is also important.


Deadlines and Milestones

Setting out specific deadlines and milestones is important in any sales strategy. However, they must be manageable and realistic. This is also a great motivator for you and if you have a sales team. Remember to start with realistic numbers and track how many sales. If you have a sales team, talk to them about what they feel is realistic and share in the responsibility of achieving the target.