Bloodless Medical Careers

When we’re young and thinking about what we want to be when we grow up, doctors and nurses are popular professions. Most of us had doctors sets and played hospital with our toys. Often, as we got a little older, our thoughts turned to helping others. Being a doctor, or working in the healthcare field in another role, is something that we saw as being a noble way to spend our time. We pictured ourselves saving lives, gaining respect and admiration and really making a difference to the world. When we’re little, we all dream of doing something worthwhile with our lives, and what could be more so than practicing medicine?

Then, as we grow we develop new interests, hobbies and passions. Our dreams and ambitions often change as we learn more about the world, and about ourselves. Sometimes, our desire to practice medicine stays strong, but we become squeamish. We realize that we can’t stand the sight of blood, that we’re scared of anything a little gory, and that we feel faint at the very mention of bleeding. While we still want to help people and work in medicine, we start to rethink our options because we’re clearly not cut out for work on the front line.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a career in medicine. The world of healthcare is about much more than slicing people open and stitching people up. The options are vast and varied. Here’s a look at just some of the careers in medicine and healthcare that you could pursue, even if you are squeamish.


Mental health is just as important as physical health. Psychiatry and other mental health specialities give you the chance to care for people that really need it. To diagnose mental health disorders and conditions, to help your patients come to terms with their diagnosis and to find ways to help them to live productive lives. The field of mental healthcare is developing all of the time, as new advancements are made and the subject becomes less of a taboo. Governments and research agencies are spending more time and money on mental health, and the future of the sector is starting to take shape. Doctors like Cynthia Telles are doing well in Neuropsychiatric Centers of Excellence, and there are many prospects for those wishing to work in mental health.

For this kind of job you need to be empathetic, and understanding. You need to be organized and creative but you also need to know how to switch off at the end of the day. It’s hard work, but the right kind of person can thrive as a mental health professional.


Some of us aren’t just squeamish. We prefer to work away from people, without day to day patient contact. If this sounds like you, a job in medical research could be ideal. You’ll be at the forefront of advancements and discovery. Working towards new diagnostic methods and treatments and perhaps even cures to some of our biggest killers.

To work in research, you again need to be organized. You need to be able to work well on your own, but also as part of a team. You need to have a love of research and knowledge and be willing to spend your life learning. But, you also need to be prepared for large periods where very little happens. If you expect a massive discovery every day, then you’ll be disappointed.


There are plenty of management opportunities in medicine. You could work in, or even own your own healthcare practice. You could manage a hospital or an old people’s home. You could manage a small admin or research team. There are a large variety of management positions in a range of different locations. You’ll usually have patient contact, and you’ll need to be able to communicate well between patients, doctors and other professionals. You’ll need to be good with people but also able to focus on data and administrative tasks.

Nutrition and Diet

Obesity is one of the most significant problems facing society today, and it’s only getting worse. This means that the role of nutritionists and dietitians is more crucial than ever. You’ll spend some of your time with patients, advising them on their diet and health. But you’ll also spend time learning about nutrition and coming up with new ways to help people. Some time will also be spent educating on the importance of diet, in schools, the community and healthcare settings.

Of course, if you work in a hospital or healthcare facility, around patients, there will always be a risk that you will occasionally see something that you’d rather not. There’s no guarantee that your days will be entirely blood free, and you never know what might happen. But, your exposure will be minimal.

Freelancers – Is It Time To Hire More Talent?

If you are a freelancer, it might never have occurred to you that one day you might be running a small enterprise. Or maybe you have no desire to hire new people at all but could do with the help on occasion.

When you get really busy as a freelancer, it can be tempting to keep accepting work when maybe you don’t actually have the time to complete it. Because – bills. But you will be doing you and your client a disservice here.

There is only so much one person tackle, and often the idea of freelancers or staff can feel fairly intimidating and challenging. However, people are your greatest asset. Discover, acquire, and retain top talent. The right help can change your whole working life.

How To Know

There are a few key indicators that it is time to get in some extra hands. If you have had more work than you can comfortably handle for some time, it is worth thinking about what parts of those projects you can hire out. It might be that there a few tasks that you really don’t like, or they take you much longer than you’d like and it is eating into the time you have to work on client work.

The chances are there will be someone out there who would love to take those tasks off your hands.

If you are getting more requests for a service that is related to yours but that you don’t currently offer, it is worth exploring the possibilities of expanding to include those things. We can spend a lot of time in the weeds of the project rather than being able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Having extra hands and eyes makes it much easier to do that.

Here are a few places that many freelancers choose to hire out to someone else:

  • Design work – you might like an ad-hoc designer or someone that you have on board full time if a lot of your projects require design work
  • Copywriting – having a writer that you trust to craft intelligent and interesting copy can speed up most processes. Clients will on occasion provide the text, but you can use this as a guide and get a professional in
  • VA – if you struggle with getting organized, then a virtual assistant might the thing that kicks your calendar into shape.
  • Accountant – Even if you are a whizz with numbers the chances are you aren’t 100% confident in the exact areas that you can claim tax back or reductions.
  • Sales – no everyone is a born salesman, if you have a physical product, when you head out to trade shows, have a person on hand to help you make the most of that time.


You have to make sure that the person you hire is traveling along the same ethos as you. While they should be a great sounding board for new ideas and talking through things like marketing and social media, the general direction of your company should be something that they support. That way you aren’t likely to feel like you made a lousy hire later down the line.


If you are hiring anyone, it should be with the understanding that you need to make a profit from their work. So when you are working out how much to pay them, you should make sure a decent % on top of their pay packet is your business profit.

The idea is of course that by hiring them, you are able to complete more work at a faster pace. There is no point to this if you aren’t going to be making a profit.

Using the right recruiter or website, you can find the right person that fits your business, and you get along with personally too.

Managing A Research Lab – What Skills Do You Need?

A career in science can be gratifying and super exciting. Being the manager of a research laboratory has a lot of responsibility and some great world-changing projects. You will be in charge of psychologists, chemists, and biologist just to name a few. Aside from being the one who needs to order lab coats, you will also be guiding the projects to completion. You’ll be supporting a team of research developers, which means hiring, managing, evaluations and supervising will all be down to you. Sound like fun? Yes! Here are a couple of the skills that you’re going to need to run a tip-top lab.


In anyone lab, you might have a couple of different projects running. Plus, projects that you are bidding for. Keeping track of your financial resources during cutbacks are going to be key. There might be conflicting priorities, and you’re likely going to be making some tough calls. Deciding how to stay on track, completing admin tasks, and technical tasks at the same time. You’ll need to be organized, and have a keen attention for detail. Keeping meticulous records and making a note of the progress and tasks completed and to be undertaken. You’ll be drafting proposals and wrapping up other projects simultaneously – and always keeping an eye on the grant windows.


You need to be someone who can keep a firm hand, as well as a guiding one. You’ll have to master giving clear instructions to the executives awaiting results and the scientists working on the projects. The general public will also be informed of breakthroughs and investments into your plans. Encouraging your staff is going to be the very minimal requirement from you because sometimes those breakthroughs never come. Resolving conflicts between staff, and boards are going to come into play too. You’re always going to be aiming for the most favorable outcome for the team you are managing. Being personable is an absolute must.


As mentioned above, you’ll need to be great with funding. Unsurprisingly many research projects are outsourced due to cuts in funding, and tight budgets. But, your analytical skills will help you focus and find the best way to manage those projects. You’ll need a fully stocked store room, a full team of staff and access to plenty of equipment – despite any cut you might be facing. Your problem solving will be next to none. You will be able to find the most cost-effective solutions for reaching the milestones that have been outlined in the funding proposals and the ones set out by the managing boards and executives. There will, of course, be issues that arise as a project goes on, and you will be fantastic at spotting them early and correcting the course of the research team.

If all of that sounds like your idea of heaven, then aside from those skills you’re going to need a master or Ph.D. too. It is worth noting that the work pays off nicely with a 6 figure yearly income.

Are You The Reason Why Your Business Isn’t Growing?

Are you the reason why your business isn’t growing?

You see, if you haven’t yet achieved the growth you have been looking towards, the finger of blame might have to point at you.

You see, sometimes, we can blame all kinds of factors for a lack of business growth…

Low finances.

Unproductive staff.

The state of the consumer market.

Not enough hours in the day.

When really, the answer lies a little closer to home.

We aren’t trying to be harsh; we aren’t suggesting you are purposefully holding your business back, so please think twice before taking a lawsuit out on us! Rather, we are thinking of the issues we will be raising in this article. If any of them apply to you, don’t fret and feel guilty; instead, consider our points and start to make any changes necessary.

Here are the reasons why you might be the reason why your business isn’t growing.

#1: You have a negative mindset

Many business owners border on the negative rather than the positive. They don’t think they’re good enough to run a business. They are more attuned to the thought of business failure than business success. And they are doubtful that growth will ever happen. These negative mindsets can hold a business back. If this is you, then start to turn your thinking around. Seek help from a business mentor. Go to business school or seek further training, and educate yourself in areas where you think you are lacking. And think about your positives; your skills and talents, your hopes and dreams, and let them override your thinking instead of any self-limiting negative alternatives. You have made it this far, so there’s no reason why you and your business can’t go further. Think positively, and positive things will happen!

#2: You have no vision

Without a vision, your business won’t grow. So, think. Where do you want to be in the future? What do you want to achieve within your business? How much money do you want to make? You need to look towards that future, dream dreams, and set goals to achieve them. You need to research how other business owners have grown their businesses, looking at those market leaders, entrepreneurs in technology, and business behemoths, and learn from the examples they have set. How did they get to where they are now? Think big, not small. Think about the future, and don’t become complacent with the present. Have a vision, and you will have something to aim for.

#3: You are exhausted!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It also makes him a very tired one. Chances are, your business might not be growing because you are burning yourself out. The tireder you are, the less productive you will be, and that will negatively impact your business. You need to give yourself a break, take some time off, and delegate or outsource some of your business tasks. And stop taking work home with you or spending late nights in the office; instead, find ways to increase efficiency so you won’t be tempted to work overtime. For your business to grow, you need to be firing on all cylinders, so before you and your business tumble to the ground in defeat, start to look after your health needs, as this will then secure the long-term health of your business.

#4: You aren’t taking care of your employees

You need employees to achieve growth, but if you are pushing them too hard, or if you are mistreating them in any other way, you will see the drop in productivity that was mentioned in our last point. You will exhaust them, drain them of morale, and cause general unhappiness. And if your employees aren’t happy, they might stop caring about your business, and consequently, work less effectively. Therefore, take better care of your employees. Don’t give them more work than they can handle. Look for ways to reward them for improving their overall morale. Listen to them when they come to with a problem. And involve them with company decisions. By doing these things, your employees will feel valued, and when they feel feel that value, they will push on to help you to grow your business.


So, are you the reason why your business isn’t growing? If you have identified with anything we have said in this article, then the answer is yes! If so, start to turn things around. Think positively about yourself and your business, set goals to reach your vision, motivate your employees to spur them and your business into greatness, and work hard, but not too hard so as to burn yourself out. By taking these steps, you might well see the business growth you have been hoping for.

Let us know what you think, and share any suggestions you might have with us.

Thanks for reading.

Why Getting A Business Mentor Might Be The Best Thing You Ever Do

Why is it, that so many entrepreneurs and wannabe business owners think that they have to do everything alone? Is it because they don’t want to lose a sense of pride? Because they think that’s how everybody else does it? The reason may be different for each person, but the fact remains; many successful entrepreneurs and business owners have mentors that help them get to where they want to be. Yes, many of them are names you have heard of. We only see a small portion of their successes and lives in the media, so it’s easy to get the impression that everything they have done has been a success and that they did it all by themselves. Newsflash: each and every successful entrepreneur has failed at some point. It’s all part of the game! Every single one may not have had a mentor, but those who had one definitely learned faster, avoided major pitfalls, gained more confidence, and made a success of their lives in better time.

Getting a business mentor might, in fact, be the best thing you ever do. Let’s take a look at this in more detail below:

Mentors Provide Information And Knowledge Because They’ve Been There and Done It

A mentor can give you priceless information and knowledge – far more than any book or YouTube tutorial can give you. They can see your situation first hand and give you tailored advice that relates to it. They’ve probably been in your exact position, or a very similar position, so they can tell you exactly what you need to know to help you to move forward.

Mentors Can Give A Fresh Perspective On Many Situations

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of eyes on a situation. You may not be able to detach yourself from a certain situation. You may be too close and too invested, whereas your mentor, is not. They can give you a new perspective and help you to look at things in a new way. This can lead to bigger, better changes. Chances are, your perspective on a situation to do with your business, and the perspective of Jozef Opdeweegh Miami Businessman would be very different. Being able to listen to what somebody else has to say and take their opinion on board can be very useful if you want to be successful in business.

Mentors Can Stimulate Professional And Personal Growth

Your mentor, or mentors (yes, you can have multiple), can help you to stimulate your professional and personal growth. They may observe you as you go about your business or even your personal life, and they may tell you what they have learned. Of course, this is just their version of you – you shouldn’t let what they have said eat away at you. However, it can be helpful to get a feel for your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on them further.

Mentors Can Offer Encouragement

Sometimes, all you need ia a little encouragement to give you a nudge in the right direction. They aren’t there to tell you that everything you’re doing is wrong and give you new ideas. They aren’t there to hold your hand and do your job for you. Sometimes, they can just be there to tell you to take a leap of faith!

Mentors Can Be Great Sounding Boards

If you have an idea and you’re really not sure what to do with it, a mentor can be a great sounding board. This is a fantastic way to get an unfiltered opinion and work out whether your idea has some weight or not. It’s all well and good speaking to family and friends about your ideas, but they may not have the same knowledge of business. Plus, they are likely to be biased!

Mentors Can Connect You With The People You Need To Meet

Mentors could potentially help you to access people who are willing to invest in your company or collaborate with you in some way. They likely have many connections who could be useful to you and help you to grow your business. Networking is key in any industry, and a mentor can help you.

Mentors Don’t Cost A Thing

Many mentoring relationships grow organically, which means, it isn’t a service that you pay for! It sounds too good to be true, right? All you have to do is network, build and nourish your relationships, and you may have your very own mentor/mentee relationship one day. If you feel somebody would be a great fit for you, it doesn’t hurt to just ask, either!

Don’t Work For Someone Else: Go Freelance To Make Your Career Work For You

The self-employed route might seem daunting and risky, but it’s becoming a promising career option for many professionals in the modern age. That’s because it’s more than a career opportunity – it’s a business opportunity. Working for yourself means you’re taking the entrepreneurial route to success. You’re the boss and the employee. That gives you a certain level of freedom in the business world, and that’s something desired by many skilled professionals in all manner of industries. But are there options for a self-employed individual with your particular talents or personality traits? Well, there are opportunities to monetise all sorts of skill sets in 2019. Let’s look at some freelance career options that might work for you.


One of the most rewarding freelance careers for modern professionals is writing. Obviously, there are many different types of writing careers out there, and that’s why there are plenty of doors open to you if you’re a creative individual. For those who have always had a way with words, this is definitely the industry to consider. Article writers can get started simply by being talented wordsmiths, as mentioned at It’s a promising job opportunity because clients are simply looking for professionals with expertise rather than experience. Many employers might not hire a candidate simply because they’ve never worked in such a firm before (many people have been faced with that nonsensical cycle of needing experience to get experience). But the beauty of being a writer is that you simply need to prove your abilities to the market. That’s it. Create a professional business website for yourself and include a portfolio that demonstrates your written ability. Once clients and businesses see that you’re proficient with regards to the written word, you’ll start to build a customer base for yourself.

You could sell your services on freelance sites such as Fiverr. Plenty of writers offer to create marketing copy and even short stories or scripts for buyers on there. You just need to learn how to advertise yourself and your business. As a freelancer, you need entrepreneurial drive as well as talent in a certain area. You might want to consider starting a blog. That’s a good way to earn some money on the side too. If you build up a following then you could make money by placing adverts on your website and perhaps even getting sponsored deals from businesses who want you to mention their brands. You could even work with link-building agencies by allowing guest bloggers to post on your website with sponsored links. There are so many ways to make money from blogging and writing online. The internet has opened the door for freelancers with written ability. It’s a very promising marketplace in 2019. As we’ve discussed before, just make sure you prioritise the work of your clients over your own personal endeavours. It’s important to uphold your reputation when you enter the world of freelancing. You are your own brand. You need to deliver a professional service to the market.

Graphic design.

If you’re an artistic individual then you might want to channel those talents into graphic design. Teachers often tell creatively-gifted students that they’ll struggle to make money from their talents in the real world. Well, whilst the modern-age Van Goghs of the world might not be able to make a living from selling their paintings, there are career opportunities for such gifted individuals in the business world. You could design logos, websites, adverts, and other types of imagery for clients. The beauty of being a self-employed graphic designer rather than an employed designer is that you can choose your own clients, keep the entirety of the profits, and explore many different avenues. You wouldn’t have to keep redesigning the same logo for the same firm. It’s a great opportunity for a creative individual who doesn’t want to end up working in some uninspiring finance role.

Home renovation.

A career in home renovation could be perfect for you if you’re a DIY fanatic or somebody who simply loves to keep their household in good shape. Why not help other people do the same? After all, you can only improve the design of your house to a certain extent. If you keep going endlessly then you’ll run out of time, money, and energy. Instead, once you’ve renovated your current home to perfection, you could earn a living by directing those creative talents towards renovating other people’s homes. Whether you take the career route of becoming an interior designer or dealing with the more practical side of fixing up houses, there’s a lot of money to be made here. A lot of people want to spruce up their humble abodes. And if you want to build up the necessary skill set to pursue this career then do your research and learn. You’d be surprised how many DIY tricks and techniques you can pick up just by watching YouTube videos. Just don’t tell clients that’s where you learned your stuff.

You could even help homeowners who are looking to sell their properties. You’ll find that there’s a big market there. Sure, plenty of people want to hire an interior designer or renovator to help spruce up the design of their home or fix up an old bathroom, but giving an entire household a makeover can earn you a lot of money. People really want to increase the value of their home in the eyes of real estate buyers, so you could take a big cut of that increase in property value if you make a big difference to somebody’s home. Becoming a home staging consultant could be a very rewarding career option if that type of job opportunity appeals to you. You’d essentially help homeowners to declutter and organize their households for the best results on the market. Whether you help real estate agencies or individuals who directly come to you, there’s a lot of money to be made in this sort of career. And if you love renovating or designing your own household then you should seize the opportunity to make a living from doing that.


A career in teaching is incredibly rewarding for anybody who wants to help shape the minds of the future but also have an opportunity to specialise in an area that they love. After all, there are many subjects that someone can teach, so you have plenty of options in terms of choosing a topic that suits your personality and academic accomplishments. But you don’t have to teach in a school. You could take the freelance route and become a private tutor. Teaching students in their homes (or renting out some teaching space) gives you the opportunity to control your own work hours and earning potential. You could also teach students of all ages. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make a difference to the world and each individual student who comes to you for help and guidance. Teaching might be a demanding career, but it’s one that more than makes up for this in terms of the impact you have on people. You could change the lives of others and change your own life.

Physical therapy.

If you’re a caring individual who cares about bodily health then you might want to consider a career in physical therapy. Helping people to alleviate their aches and pains can be an incredibly rewarding job role. It’s a healthcare-based role that’s slightly less intense and demanding than working in a hospital, for instance, so it’s well worth considering as a freelance career option. You could even consider becoming a masseuse if that’s an opportunity which appeals to you. You might want to check out for massage tables of a professional quality. It’s important that you have all the appropriate resources to run your business effectively. Remember, as a freelancer, you’re the boss and the employee.

Event coordination.The final career suggestion on this list is well-suited to any individual with organisational skills. If you’ve always been a very structured individual and the type of friend who always arranges gatherings for everyone else in the group then this freelance opportunity was tailor-made for you. Event coordination is a very broad-ranging career too. You don’t have to limit yourself to organising weddings and corporate functions for individuals or businesses. As explained at, modern event coordinators are essentially project managers. You could organise all kinds of events and conferences for big corporations. That’s the beauty of being a freelancer – you can stretch your talents and push yourself to try new things. No event is too big for you to plan. On the other end of the spectrum, no event should be deemed too small either. Some coordinators help couples to organise romantic outings or dinner parties at home. The broader the services you offer, the wider your target market will be. You’ll be able to build a bigger client base, gain a larger reputation, and become much more successful in this industry.

Getting A Business Idea Going

It’s all well and good having a business idea. If you know what we mean, it’ll be that burning feeling inside, knowing that you’ve got something good in your mind, but not the faintest idea as to how you can make that idea come to life. We all have these million dollar ideas in our mind, but not all of us are business minded, are we? What we are, is money minded, and if you have money on your mind enough, you’ll be able to do anything you put your mind to. But we get that this is a little bit different, and know what to do, who to speak to, and what to even think, is a task that you’re going to need help with. Which is why we’ve designed this article for you now. We’re going to give you a few tips that should help you get your business idea going, no matter what it is. With a lot of determination and perseverance, you can make pretty much anything in this world come true.

Is It Coming From A Passion You Have?

If you’re setting up a business based on a passion you have, or perhaps a career that you’re in, then things are going to be a little bit easier for you. You can specialise in so many things depending on what you have training in, and the potential to go solo is immense. For example, if you were a dentist and already had your own dentist practice but it just wasn’t doing well, you could contact companies such as PTS who could help you sell. You then move onto a new or better venture, and things begin to work out. But if this is your first time going solo, you need to talk to the right people. Passion or not, if you’re setting up a business the first person you need to talk to is a financial advisor. They can advise how much money you need, and how much the banks might lend. Then, you need to talk to a business advisor to make sure your business is going to have the backbone to succeed.

The Foundations You Need To Set In Place

Strong foundations are the only thing you need to be focusing, and we think it’s all about the image you give your business from the start. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dentist or a sports therapist, you need to sell yourself in a way that’s better to anyone else. We think this is easily done by being an open and honest business, with that modern buzz and spark that just makes everything so much more interesting. We feel too many companies are being built on dull foundations at the minute.

The Things That Could Go Horribly Wrong

Worst case scenario is that your business just can’t get off the ground, even after the money you invest. It could also be that someone else comes along and takes your idea, so always make sure you’re trademarking from the beginning. Just keep focused, keep motivated, and make sure you’re focusing on your business imagine and the products or services you’re selling all of the time.

Marketing Your Company In All Walks Of Life

One thing that all businesses require in order to succeed is customers, and to attract those people, you are going to need to promote your company. There are several ways to do this from the basic to the more extravagant. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the ideas that you might want to consider advertising your business potential clients and customers using a range of different channels.

Digital Marketing

We are going to start by looking at the newest of the marketing styles that you can choose from, and that is digital marketing. The rise of the internet over the past few decades has been nothing short of sensational and the opportunities it has afforded businesses like yours to grow are ideal. There are plenty of ways to promote yourself online, and we are going to take a look at some of those plans now.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first area of digital marketing that we are going to look at is known as search engine optimization (SEO) and is the unpaid arm of search engine management (SEM). The idea with SEO is to increase your visibility on the internet, particularly in the organic results of search engines. The way you do that is by making the most of the information we currently have about the way search engines judge websites. The reason you should spend time perfecting your SEO is that over 90% of search engine users don’t go beyond the first page of their search results, meaning if you don’t appear within the top results then you’re not going to get much if any, traction from search engines.

So is good SEO practice? Well, the idea, as outlined above, is to use the information available to us to prepare a website for the ‘crawlers’ that a search engine sends out when terms are looked for. We are going to address some of the basics of these methods, but it is important to note that SEO is an incredibly intricate part of digital marketing and you should dig as deep as you possibly can with your research.

The most basic of ideas behind any SEO plan is keywords. These are the words and phrases that are associated with your product, services, topics, industry. This is what Google and co will be looking for on your website when terms related to your company are searched for. Using a free keyword planner tool, you will be able to identify what words and phrases should be included on your website to attract the ‘crawlers’ to your page. Be careful not to flood your pages with keywords because this is often a sign of a spam website and will have your site flagged.

As mentioned, keywords are just one aspect on SEO. Something else that you should consider is that once the ‘crawlers’ have recognized your site as relevant to the search terms, they are going to judge it. In order to build up a reputation that makes your website a more viable candidate to appear in the top results, you should ensure that you have high-quality content that encourages users to stay on the site for an extended period, and that loading speeds don’t take too long. These are some of the ways your page will be assessed.

  • Social Media

Another aspect of digital marketing is the use of social media. It can seem like everyone, and their dog is on some form of social media these days, and with over a billion users spread across the various networks that is likely the case. You as a business should be looking to get a piece of that action, but knowing where to start is the most essential part of your social media strategy.

Because websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are free, there is a tendency to jump on and create as many profiles for your brand as you can. However, one of the key things to remember is that the time of the person promoting your company through these channels costs your business money – so it isn’t free. What that means is that you should identify where your customers are most likely to be active and target those sites first. Just because Facebook has the most profiles, that doesn’t mean your demographic is active on there.

Something else that it is crucial for you to consider is what your strengths are? If you are selling a product that is going to look good in front of a camera, then sites like Instagram and YouTube are going to be friendly to you. However, if you are selling yourself or advice, then sites like Twitter or LinkedIn are going to be better for promotion purposes.

The trick with social media is to treat it much like traditional media. If your target market weren’t reading the New York Post, then you wouldn’t spend your budget on that newspaper. The same applies to social media.

Offline Marketing

Just because it is new and popular, you shouldn’t just spend your time promoting yourself online. There are many positives to getting out there and showing off your business in the offline world as well. Here are some of the ways you might want to consider when it comes to getting off the internet.

  • Branded Items

In much the same way as you are attempting to create greater visibility through SEO, having branded items to pass to members of the general public is a way of having your business garner greater recognition offline. There is, of course, a spend associated with having products made up of your branding. However, it cannot be underestimated how this tried and tested form of marketing works. That being said, getting your branding into the hands of the wrong demographic isn’t worth your time. You need to ensure that you have done adequate market research to determine where you should be handing out your branded items.

When we refer to branded items, what do we mean? Well, the short answer is anything that has your company’s name and logo on it. But it should be considered much more than that. While it might be useful to you to promote via leafleting, it will no doubt be more productive to use something that is going to find its way into a potential customer’s everyday use. That is why in the modern day handing out free USB sticks, water bottles and stationary is going to be more profitable for you in the long term. If someone sees your branding on a daily basis, then they are more likely to consider you trustworthy and seek out your business.

  • Events

Another area of offline marketing is the events world. Now, this applies if you are event planning for your own company or looking to speak at a conference elsewhere. The idea is to get your name out there through strong public speaking, utilizing the free branded items discussed above and by being present at any event that is linked to your industry.

Remember that any marketing strategy aims to increase custom by demonstrating the benefits of using your business. Events are a perfect place to do this, especially if is industry specific. You are going to have an audience of people ready to hear what you’ve got to say, and in the modern day, there are thousands of events taking place around the world for you to attend. Depending on the size of your company, starting your own event where you welcome other companies to present but with your branding around the venue is a good way of demonstrating the strength of your business to potential customers and rivals.

Television & Radio

Finally, we are going to look at using television and radio to promote yourself. Budget plays a huge factor in TV and radio advertising, so much so that you could argue that the brands who advertise during the Super Bowl Halftime are actually the kind of companies that need that coverage the least, such is the cost.

Depending on what you’re selling, television and radio are to be treated differently. The listener can tell when an advertisement has been repeated for radio from the TV, and it often takes away from your message. Where using this form of media differs from the ones discussed above, is that you are looking to create something creative and catchy to attract attention. In the modern day it is getting harder to promote through television because of the number of distractions during ad breaks, but if you can find a way to become water cooler talk, then you are going to profit in a very healthy way from your TV advertisement. For most new companies, promotion on TV and radio is going to be the last thing they think about, especially if your work is done via a website. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid it altogether. There are great benefits to advertising through the medium of television and radio, especially if you target your market through research into their viewing habits.

How Could Your Business Gain Further Industry Recognition?

No matter how successful or unsuccessful your business might currently be, your work is never done as an entrepreneur. Your company needs to constantly progress forwards if it’s going to remain relevant in an industry that constantly progresses forwards. There’s always more that could be done to expand your empire, improve your services, and turn more heads in the target market. How could your business gain further industry recognition? The following ideas could give you some potential answers to that question.

Invest your profits wisely.

Investment is crucial to gaining recognition in any industry. Your competitors are always spending money to improve their services, boost their marketing efforts, and grow their brands so as to reach a wider audience. Your business needs to do the same. You need to think of the investments that are needed in order to take your company to the next level. Don’t shy away from spending money; that’s how businesses fail to grow and end up getting left behind. You have to be brave enough to take a risk. Of course, you also need to invest your profits wisely.

For instance, you might want to increase your productivity and overall output so that you can supply your services to a larger client base. In turn, your business will grow and you’ll gain further industry recognition. But before you hire a new department of full-time workers, you might want to consider other avenues of investment. You could outsource certain business operations, for example. It’s cheaper than paying for full-time salaries, but you’ll still be achieving the same end goal of expanding your operations. And you’ll still be delivering your services at a high-quality, as long as you hire professionals. The point is that you have to find the most cost-effective ways of improving your business without cutting corners.

Reduce your expenses.

Of course, you can’t make the necessary investments to expand and improve your business if you don’t have sufficient funding. Perhaps your sales are pouring in steadily but your margins are low as the result of big overheads. If that’s the case then you might want to think of ways to reduce your business’ expenses in order to increase your margins and give your company more funding for investments. Financial stability is critical with regards to the continued success of your company in the long-term. It’s time to start taking your business’ money seriously. In turn, you’ll be able to gain a better position in your industry and boost brand awareness as a result.

For starters, you could save money on paper by, well, no longer using it. In this digital age, information is much more secure if it’s stored digitally. It’s also easier to edit, transfer, and backup. That’s why it makes complete sense to take the digital route. The benefits in terms of reduced costs and saving the environment are just bonuses. Speaking of reducing wastefulness for the sake of the planet, you could insulate office windows and get energy-efficient appliances to reduce electricity bills. You might also want to reduce the annual fee incurred in terms of your business taxes. With the assistance of professionals who offer comprehensive tax services, you could seek additional expenses. This would help to reduce the amount that your company has to pay.

Find your niche.

It can be hard to gain recognition in an industry if you’re offering something similar to your bigger rivals. The best way to ensure that you stand out is to find your niche. If you can offer a unique brand and specific services then you’ll be able to attract a specific portion of the target market. Many consumers will be looking for a streamlined version of more generalised services. For example, there are plenty of buffet restaurants out there, but a vegan one would add a unique spin to a popular concept. That’s why so many vegan restaurants are becoming popular in major cities.

Obviously, your business might not be a restaurant, but the same concept applies. How are you going to differ from the competition? That’s the key to turning heads in the industry. Maybe you could be the most environmentally conscious company in your industry. Going green would make a big impact on consumers because people like ethical businesses in the modern age. You might need to expand your marketing efforts if you take the niche approach to your branding efforts, however, because you’ll probably need to reach more than just local customers in order to build a substantial client base. We’ll talk about that more in the following point.

Improve your online advertising efforts.

There’s no denying that online advertising is crucial in the modern world. The vast majority of consumers do their shopping on the internet in 2019. That’s been the case for several years, and the popularity of eCommerce as opposed to traditional commerce is only continuing to grow. Your business needs to seize every possible opportunity to expand online. Make your website better so that you can improve your ranking on search engine result pages. Responsive content, keywords, relevant meta descriptions, and other elements of your web content will all contribute to your ranking. The bigger your web presence, you more likely it is that the industry will notice you. In turn, you’re more likely to get recognition for your brand and its services.

Focus on your existing customers.

If your business is going to gain further industry recognition then you should focus on your existing customers. After all, recognition comes with reputation, and you need to impress your current client base if you’re going to build a reputable brand for your company. Yes, you need to pursue new potential leads all the time, but you shouldn’t do so at the expense of retaining the customers you’ve already secured. Treating your existing clients well can really help you to attract the attention of the target market on a larger level. Your goal is to get shiny 5-star reviews and gushing testimonials on your website so that visitors are swayed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback they see.

As for how you should impress your existing clients, excellent customer service goes a long way. Even after people have made a purchase, sending a follow-up email to check that they’re satisfied is a great way to prove that your business genuinely values its clients and isn’t simply out to make a quick profit. You could also send an email with discounts and vouchers attached as a way of thanking customers for their purchases. Do this for first-time clients to encourage them to make further purchases, and do it for long-term clients to show them that you’re grateful for their continued custom. Building loyal relationships with your customers is a smart way to ensure that you not only maintain a steady client base but that your client base continues growing through word-of-mouth marketing. You could even encourage referrals by offering rewards to customers who successfully get their friends and family to buy goods or services from your business. It’s just another small way in which you can thank your customers.

Make sure your team is up to scratch.

Your business won’t be able to grow unless you have the help of a dedicated team. You need to hire dedicated professionals who will be as committed to your company as you are. It’s not just about hiring any candidate that ticks the boxes. Your members of staff need more than the right level of expertise or experience; they need the right attitude. Make sure your team is full of driven and passionate people. An apathetic workforce is going to lead to an apathetic business. The best way to increase productivity is to simply hire employees who want to be productive. That’s why you need to put a lot of thought and consideration into the interviewing process. Test candidates during the interview. Don’t let them give pre-programmed answers. Challenge them in the way that they’ll be challenged on a daily basis if they work for your company.

Of course, if you ever notice that your team full of dedicated workers is stumbling then it’s important that you address the situation. Making sure your workforce is up to scratch is a continuous process. Even the most diligent member of staff can become disengaged if the work becomes repetitive or they feel undervalued. If you want to keep your team members determined and productive then you need to reward them for their accomplishments. It doesn’t matter whether you achieve that through bonuses, free team outings to escape rooms and nice restaurants, or perks such as ping-pong tables in the office. All that matters is you value your team. Show every single employee that their contributions are noticed. Give them a reason to work hard. In turn, your company will shine and you’ll gain the recognition you deserve. Customers will be happier if they deal with passionate and professional employees. Plus, you’ll be able to grow more quickly because members of staff will be more productive. That’s how you get noticed by the industry.

Having Confidence When It Comes to Marketing Your Products

Setting up a business as an introvert tends to be relatively unproblematic in the first stages of the process – most of your work can be carried out independently. You can sit and come up with product concepts yourself. You can design the products yourself. You could even bring the manufacturing process in-house if you happen to be skilled in creating whatever it is that you’re specialising in. But at some point or another, you’re going to have to face up to the wider public. After all, these are the people who are going to have to purchase your products in order for you to generate profits and experience success. To get people to buy your products, you’re going to have to market your products. This means shouting about what you have to offer from the rooftops. This can be relatively difficult if you are reserved. But it’s essential. The consumer market has never been so saturated, so you’re going to have to be bold to stand out from the competition and make a name from your brand. But not to worry. Here are a few steps that you can take to market your products with confidence!


Outsourcing is an introvert’s dream. You don’t have to take on full time or part time employees to work within a commercial property with you. This means that you can easily avoid awkward small talk or personal conversation that tends to flow between individuals working in close proximity to one another. Instead, you can just collaborate with digital marketing agencies, let professionals know what kind of marketing you want carried out in a short consultation, and then leave them to carry out the work! Of course, you should check back in from time to ensure that everything is going smoothly. But you can generally count on reliable agencies to carry out high-quality work independently once they know what is required of them.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes, you will have to speak in front of large groups in order to market your product to larger companies, suppliers, or investors. This can be daunting. But it may be comforting to know that there are relatively few people out there who are genuinely unfazed by public speaking. Most people are faking their confidence and you can do this too! The age old piece of advice that “practice makes perfect” really does ring true when it comes to public speaking. Try giving any presentations or pitches to your nearest and dearest before you present it to the professionals. This will give you a good opportunity to run through your points, ensure that everything is covered, and make any necessary alterations should you need to switch things up a bit. You can also see how long your presentation actually lasts. While it may feel like a very long presentation, it may only be five minutes. This can serve as a form of comfort if you begin to feel anxious. After all, five minutes isn’t even enough time to make a proper cup of tea!

Sure, confidence doesn’t appear overnight. But hopefully, the above tips will help you to market your products effectively while experiencing as little stress as possible!


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