World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

It is more common nowadays to change your career a few times throughout your working life instead of remaining in the same job role until you retire. This is good news for introverts who might find themselves a little dissatisfied working in a crowded and active professional world. 

Key Takeaways: Careers for Introverts

  • Introverts tend to be quiet, reserved, and analytical. There are many careers to suit them
  • People assume introverts don’t make excellent business leaders, but that is not the case 
  • The financial industry can be a lucrative and satisfying career move for many introverts
  • Introverts are naturally creative and suited to careers in the writing and editing industries
  • There are opportunities in science, software, and technology for suitable introverts

What is an Introvert? 

The terms introvert and extrovert originate in 20th-century psychology, in particular the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. This personality scale is not an exact science, and most people sit somewhere in the middle of the sliding scale. A test can help to determine your personality. 

If you take a good quality personality test online and it shows that you are predominantly introverted, that good news for you. If you are introverted, you join a class of people that have contributed greater to the knowledge, progress, and wellbeing of humanity; time to celebrate. 

Business Leader

When you think of an introvert, a business leader is probably not the first thing you imagine as a career for them; but there are more introverts in leadership positions than you might imagine. Leaders tend to be extroverts because they tend to be visible, but introverts have qualities too. 

Introverts are excellent at listening and collaborating with others, and some of the most well-known leaders were predominantly introverted or had an equal balance in their personalities – see George Washington. If you have the experience, make the switch.  

Financial Management 

Whether it is general accounting, actuary, or bookkeeping, introverts with a gift for numbers make excellent financial managers. An introvert enjoys nothing more than closing the door on the world and getting on with some work, which is precisely the role of a financial manager. 

Along with being the perfect role for introverts, a career in accounting is stable and secure – this has been the case for hundreds of years. If you have outgrown your current role and you like the idea of preparing accounts and examining financial records, this is a smart career change. 

Graphic Design 

Graphic designers are in high demand at the moment as businesses and brands attempt to outcompete each other for visibility in crowded marketplaces. Business brands are extremely important, and although they are simple, they are also technical to make and require experts. 

If you are the creative type, you can make an excellent career as a graphic designer. Graphic designers can work freelance or for an agency; they can also work for companies and clients directly. Courses and degrees in graphic design are available, but you can learn it in free time.  

Professional Blogging 

Blogging careers have been around for a couple of decades now, but in the last decade, the profession has seen exponential growth. Major search engine algorithms allow businesses to be more visible on the internet with the right content, so the writing industry is big business today. 

Introverts tend to be naturally creative; they spend a lot of time on their own, which lends itself to creative activities like writing, drawing, and photography. If you are ready for a career change and you have a talent for writing, find out more about writing as a career through BloggerBroker

Data Architect

Big data is here to stay. Using big data, companies can learn more about their target audience, create better products and systems, and develop advertising that meets the need of individuals. A data architect is involved in managing and designing data systems to improve performance. 

If you enjoy data and prefer to work alone, you can make a lucrative career as a data architect. People who are successful in this industry have skills in data analysis, data modeling, and communicating data between technical and non-technical sources; salaries pay over $100,000.

Language Editor 

Introverts are natural writers, but they are also natural editors. If you love to spend time alone and you have an eye for details, you could make an interesting career move and become a language editor. Editors are required for many industries, including legal services and websites. 

In general, an editor does not earn a substantial salary, but some of the best in the profession can earn up to $60,000. But that’s hardly the point, especially when it comes to someone choosing a personality-based career. Editing can be satisfying and rewarding work for introverts.  


Introverts tend to spend a lot of time on the sidelines due to their quiet nature, but that doesn’t mean they are not listening and analyzing the world around them. For this reason, and others, introverts make excellent psychotherapists. Working with people in this way is also rewarding. 

Psychotherapy, along with other health and wellness treatments, is likely to become more prevalent in the coming years as the technology becomes more automated and people have fewer tasks to occupy themselves with. Training as a psychotherapist is a lifelong process.

Research Scientist 

Many researchers find rewarding work within the scientific community. Introverts tend to work best by themselves, and if they have a mind for analysis and data, they can make excellent scientists and researchers. It is never too late to switch careers and find a career in science. 

Research scientists work for governments, environmental agencies, and companies across the board; they are tasked with acquiring and analyzing data and performing trials and experiments that give organizations better information for decisions making. They can earn around $70,000. 

Social Media Management 

Social media isn’t for everyone – especially introverts that might find self-promotion awkward or embarrassing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy creating content for social media. On the contrary, introverts are creative by nature and are, therefore, great for digital content design. 

A social media manager is responsible for creating social media campaigns, marketing campaigns, and monitoring social media analytics. If you are the creative type and enjoy a marketing type of role, social media management is a growing profession and quite stable.  

Software Engineer

Software engineers are in high demand these days thanks to the need for new software tools in all industries. Software engineers are needed to develop new software and test existing systems. If you are introverted techy type, a software engineering role can be the perfect fit. 

Becoming a software engineer requires some qualifications and industry experience, but if you have transferrable skills, you can make the leap without too much trouble. A software engineer is a lucrative and stable role; you can expect to earn at least $70,000 and work all by yourself. 

Storage & Warehouse

While there are some people around if you opt for a warehouse, most of the time, everyone will be busy doing their designated tasks. Not only that, but you could opt for evenings, weekends, or early morning shifts when available since most people don’t want to take those shifts; you’ll likely be working with people who have the same idea about what makes work good – being quiet and getting on with your work. Self-storage jobs are an excellent option, too, because aside from checking people in or out, most of the time, the work isn’t going to have a lot of people around. Either one of these is a great option for people who want a little less interaction with people.


Whether you are a little introverted or a lot introverted, there are plenty of career options for you. There’s no doubt the world favors extroverted types; they are the loudest and the most visible in the workplace. However, the world is waking up to the contribution of introverts. 

Best known for their work behind the scenes, introverts make talented analysts, designers, planners, and writers. If you feel like you are in the wrong career for your personality or you are ready for a career change, a personality test can help you to find the next stage of your career.