World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Owning your personal business is a wonderful thing; getting to be a boss of your own. A lot of people find working under someone else very frustrating; taking orders from people and working under the terms they dictate. Having your own business and being your own boss means you get to dictate the terms and you get to give the orders. The feeling of having to answer to no one, and creating a space where you feel you are trying to change the world in little ways is an unquantifiable feeling.

Being the boss means you have to decide a lot of things and control both the business and the office space. The decisions you will have to make include how to move the business forward, when and how to recruit and all other strategic thinking that is needed to boost the business. The most important decision however is the decision to network with people and going out to meet potential clients. This involves a lot of personal interaction and communication with people. If you are trying to grow a business, you need to be able to go out and meet people and get them informed about your brand. The fact that we have different temperaments and behavioral reactions to events means that we all do not have the same level of personal interaction with people. This difference becomes more obvious when we consider the two basic type of humans we have; extroverts and introverts.

Growing a business involves a lot of talking, a lot of interaction with people and meeting new people. As a result of this, people conclude that extroverts perform better when it comes to growing a business; a logical conclusion, a lot of people would say. However, is it entirely true that being an extrovert makes you automatically better than an introvert when it comes to growing a business? Just how easy is it for an introvert to grow a business, despite the person’s preference for being reserved? These are important questions that need to be asked.
It is a misconception to assume that an introvert cannot grow a business as easily as an extrovert would. A lot of people believe that the fact that a person is always quiet means such a person cannot successfully hold a personal and social interaction with people. However, research has shown that introverts are very good at making people convenient and making them feel like the only person in the room. This helps them reach people faster and build trust with people faster than an extrovert would.

This common misconception has led a lot of introverts into believing that they cannot successfully grow a business. A lot of introverts have resigned to working in environments that are not really god for them because they believe that they cannot successfully grow their own business. While it is true that you need to get out and meet people, and engage in a lot of personal interaction to grow your business, it is untrue that being an introvert or an extrovert hinders or helps this.

A quick peek at the market will show that for a business to grow is not wholly dependent on your temperament, but on your personal development.