World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

The office may once have just been a place to take care of business, but these days, it’s so much more. It’s a bit like the development of the home. A house began as a place to shelter us from the storm, but today, it’s a reflection of who we are as people. It’s an extension of ourselves. While there are other things that’ll have a bigger impact on your business reputation, the influence of your office space will not be zero. In this blog, we’re going to look at a few ways in which your office can negatively impact how people view your business — and also make recommendations on how to overcome them.

In the Wrong Neighborhood

You’d naturally think twice about a company if you felt it was located in an unusual neighborhood. This doesn’t necessarily mean the neighborhood is bad, but that it’s out of sync with the other businesses in that area. There’s usually a district in each city where lawyers are, and so on. If you were a lawyer, then you’d want to be in that area, not in a part of the city that’s filled with bars and restaurants. It’s sometimes worth paying more to be in the right place. 


You will hopefully have spent some time working out your company branding. This is the image that you show to the world, as well as the story that you tell yourself. However, your branding can’t just be something that exists as an idea — there has to be some link to the real world. If you’re presenting yourself as a young and hip company, then your office should be young and hip. If it was old, dingy, and overly traditional, then that would be out of sorts with what you’re telling the world. You need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Quality Issues

Your office will not reflect well on your company if there are too many quality issues. For instance, if the wallpaper is peeling or the decor is outdated, then, well, that’s not a strong look. There’ll be similar issues if the infrastructure of your office is not watertight. As such, it’s a good idea to spend some time making sure that everything’s working as it should be. Incorporating preventative plumbing maintenance plans and other periodic checks into your operations will help to keep your office in tip-top condition. Even if you’re happy to accept problems with your office, those things won’t look good to your visitors.

Miserable Staff

There are many things that can impact how a person views a company. One such way is the happiness of the staff. If the team is not happy, then that’s a pretty clear sign that something’s not right. Of course, many things influence staff happiness, not just the office — but it is a factor. Studies have shown that workers feel happier when they’re working in pleasant environments. If you don’t know what changes to make to improve morale, then don’t make any guesses — just ask your staff directly.