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A game of ‘guess the logo’ can reveal a lot about our perceptions of branding. Branding allows us to recognize a business without even hearing its name, becoming a part of the business itself. While you might immediately think of companies like Apple or Coca-Cola and their branding, don’t ignore the impact that branding can have on smaller businesses too.



To help your business look and feel the part, creating the right brand is important. Learn more about developing the right brand for your business to help it shine,

What does your business mean to you?

Pinning down the right brand can require a lot of brainstorming – you’ll want to hit the nail on the head after all. Start by writing down a list of words that you think best represent your business and how you want it to be seen by others. Use adjectives that could help you later on when it comes to thinking about the design element.


You’ll also want to consider your audience – who is your business appealing to? The branding you choose will have a significant impact on audience perceptions, so make sure you choose something that’s relevant and appealing to your target market. Building the right brand from the beginning will make it easier for you to kickstart your freelance career or business, giving you that element of professionalism that will help you to be taken seriously.

Work with a branding expert

If design and branding isn’t your strong suit, bring in an expert who can help you develop the right brand for your business. Some of the things you need to know before hiring a branding expert include an idea of what your brand to be, and what your requirements are. Branding agencies and experts can take care of everything from logo design to tone of voice to help build a clear and consistent brand for your business.

Keep it consistent

Consistency is essential for helping your brand to stick, as well as to make sure that everything you produce is co-ordinated and professional. Using websites like can help you manage brand consistency and give employees easy access to all of your branding and templates to limit room for error. Create some brand guidelines that are clear and provide employees with everything they need to stay on message – this is something that will benefit all employees as well as being a useful resource when working with external agencies or freelancers.


Whichever direction you choose for your brand, it’s important that you’re happy and comfortable that it’s a good fit for your business and makes you proud. Your brand is something you can develop and work on over time and could become one of your business’ most valuable assets. The right brand can help you make the right impression and even give you an edge over your competition.


Get started with research how other businesses have developed their brands to give you inspiration and ideas to develop your own unique identity.