World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

If you’re like most career-minded people, you want to get ahead, make some money, and carve a niche for yourself. 

Making it happen, though, is difficult in a world that is so full of noise. Everyone is screaming about themselves at the top of their voices, and it is drowning out a lot of real talent out there. 

The trick to emerging successfully from this pandemonium is crafting an expert digital marketing strategy that emphasizes your brand. You need to do something that your peers aren’t, so you stand out in ways that they don’t. 

So what are your options? How can you leverage digital marketing to boost your personal brand and career?

Setting Up A TikTok Channel

Who knows whether TikTok will receive a ban or not. Whatever the case, the platform is immensely popular among specific demographics, and relatively untapped by professionals. 

TikTok isn’t just about playing stupid pranks on people. Users upload all kinds of videos. And businesses can use it too to drive people to their sites via links. 

Also, you can use a QR maker to create scannable links to your TikTok account. Users hold up the camera app on their phone, scan the link, and then get forwarded to your account or promotional material. 

Adding Personality To Your Content

Many career-minded professionals have a habit of forgetting that they’re in the business of selling themselves, not passing a job interview. You don’t have to keep your content matter-of-fact or bland. It can be just as exciting as the material churned out by professional content creators. 

When you inject a little spice into what you’re doing, people will listen. Customers love it when professionals can create rapport with them. 

Using Interactive Content

Interactive content is a lot of fun and yet, something that many professionals underutilize, mainly because they don’t think about it. 

If you’re an accountant, you could use a tax or ROI calculator. If you’re a therapist, you could include a questionnaire with a free report about a person’s state of mind. 

Developing Content That People Need

There’s a big difference between developing content for Google’s algorithms and creating stuff that people actually need. The two are worlds apart, and it shows in the final reckoning. 

Just because SEO gurus say that top-ranking pages contain 2,000 words, that doesn’t mean that you should fill your blogs with filler. Ideally, you want to choose a format that allows you to express what you need to say succinctly and in a way that provides people with actual value. 

Remember, ultimately, that’s all people care about. Google might like your articles if they’re long and detailed. But what really matters is the number of people converting though your site. 

Abandoning Outbound Marketing

Finally, if you’re still using outbound marketing to get the word out about your services, you might want to reconsider. Incredible careers don’t usually start with paid ads. Instead, they build on a corpus of content you work on over several years. Once you become a guru, there’s no stopping you.