World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

If you’ve taken an introvert test and you’ve realized that you are, in fact, an introvert, then it might have had an adverse effect on your career or your dreams of becoming a self-employed success story. Let’s face it, all of those big-name entrepreneurs that we see on television, in magazines or even in Starbucks are charismatic, they talk a lot and they usually have egos that are ten times the size of an introvert’s.


But is being charismatic a trait required to be successful, or is it just an effect of being extremely successful?



Charisma can only get you so far in the world of business


Imagine an employee that only talks and never does any work–we’ve probably all experienced it at least once or twice in our lives or even in our own offices. There are plenty of people out there that are great at chatting and trying to motivate people to get to work, but we all know that leading through example is much better than leading through talking.


People want to see their boss or manager put in the effort and work that is expected of them. Employees need shining examples and role models to look up to. This helps them set a standard for the work that is expected of them at a certain company, hence why it’s so important that you lead by example and not just charisma alone.


Putting your head down and working hard, even if you’re an introvert entrepreneur, will inspire your employees more than you just giving them some pep talk before each workday. Just remember that charisma can get you far, but it’s not going to make up for a lack of skill and experience!


Entrepreneurs are resourceful and charisma is just one resource


Entrepreneurs all share a trait; they’re resourceful. Whether it’s hiring business technology solutions to help them manage their IT equipment with ease or enlisting the help of a freelance designer to make a logo for their company, entrepreneurs know how to use the resources at their disposal in order to achieve their goals.


Charisma is just one of their many resources. They can use charisma to build a network of working contacts, they can use the charisma to increase the morale of their employees or they can use charisma to advertise their products at a trade event. Either way, charisma is just one of the many resources that an entrepreneur has and it’s not necessary to have it.


Introverts can use many other resources even if they don’t want to tap into the potential that charisma offers them. For instance, they could make better use of social media to unlock a new audience in online customers, or they could use aggressive mailing lists that often require no face-to-face charisma in order to build up a network of clients.


Some final words


The best way to think about it is to use charisma as a resource. It’s something that you can eventually run out of and isn’t necessarily needed to run a successful company, but it can definitely help you if you’re willing to use it.