World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

The world is changing faster than ever. Technology, the growing use of and reliance on the internet, green technologies, and other developments such as 3D printing, amongst other things, have changed the way that we work, as well as the way that we live. The more we learn, and the more research that we do, the faster things change, and many sectors are now totally unrecognizable, or even completely new. 

Some industries have had to change out of necessity. Retailers, for example, have had to embrace online shopping, as fewer of us go to the high-street to shop anymore. Others have simply moved on with the times, changing for the sake of scaling and growing, as well as increasing productivity. 

When looking for a new job, these evolving industries are worth considering. The sectors that can evolve and grow are the ones that will last and provide us with challenging jobs for years to come. Here is a look at some of the fastest-changing industries around.


2020 has seen healthcare change beyond all recognition, as we’ve fought off the biggest pandemic in a long time. The way that patients are treated has had to change to protect healthcare systems all over the world. But, even before that, things were changing. 


In recent times, more research has been done into our over dependence on antibiotics, with some studies showing that a growing antibiotic resistance puts us all at risk to previously treatable conditions. 

This has led to a change in many of the treatments offered, as many doctors and healthcare professionals have moved towards a more educational or holistic approach, only turning to medication when necessary. 

Home Healthcare Services

Home healthcare services have been forced to develop in response to an aging population, with differing needs. Emphasis is being put on treating the elderly, and other ill people in their own homes, avoiding healthcare settings entirely or supporting them with care in the home. 


The pharmaceutical industry has changed massively in the last ten years, as digital techniques, as well as the globalization of Pharma has evolved, learn more from ICON plc


Biohacking even now sounds rather futuristic and dramatic. But, it’s really just the desire to be the best version of ourselves. Often using small steps, such as wearing an activity tracker and taking supplements, to improve our health. Biohacking is a growth industry, with lots of developments sure to come. 


Fintech is the teaming of finance and technology. It’s not an industry that existed (at least in its current form) ten years ago, and now it’s one of the fastest growing sectors out there. Most of us have got banking apps, savings apps using AI, and other tools to take greater control of our money, using technology. We use mobile payments, trade stocks online, and even experiment with cryptocurrency—definitely a growth industry. 

Hospitality and Retail

Hospitality and retail have to change, especially now. We’ve already seen a growth in online shopping, retail ads, and AI tech, as well as apps like Airbnb and food delivery and order services, but who knows what’s to come with these crucial sectors attempting to grow from the ashes of COVID-19.