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If you’re toying with the idea of getting your own website, but don’t know whether you should hire someone or give it a shot on your own, then it can be confusing when knowing where to start. The good thing about doing it on your own is that it’s not actually as complicated as you think and you can have a nice website that functions properly up and running in a very short time for very little money thanks to things like drag and drop builders and WordPress themes as well as companies like WhiteOwl who can help you automate your website and systems once you have it up and running.


Of course it can certainly be overwhelming  to start looking into these things because you hear of so many different options and don’t know what’s really going to work for you.


So, in this post, we’re going to share with you the 3 tools you need in order to build your own website.


The truth is: as much as you might like to avoid anything techie (we’ve all been there); there are at least a few tools you’ll need to set up and run your website and business.


And once you get to grips with them, which is honestly easier than you might think – they will also make your life much easier.


That’s pretty much the whole point of technology, anyway, right?


So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Website Theme:


First of all, let me just debunk a very damaging myth real quick: when you’re just starting out in business, you do NOT “need” a website.


So many entrepreneurs get this backwards – and I’ve also been guilty of this, so I don’t want you to fall into the same trap.


Please do not go investing a ton of money into a fancy website that looks pretty, but is pretty much useless if you have no clients, and aren’t actually making money first.


Now, you can certainly choose to have a website right away or not. Plenty of people have built highly successful, multi 6-figure businesses before ever investing in a website, and instead just used social media, free blogs or their email list.


However, if you do want to set yourself up with something simple to get started (I get that it might make you feel better or more serious, so it’s totally your call), then I recommend using WordPress and a simple theme like Divi.


If you want to use your own name or business name, you’ll also need to purchase that as well as set up hosting.


So, let’s look at these individual pieces to get your website up and running.


Just FYI: (this shouldn’t take you months to do). Give yourself a week at most and get it done. You need to be focusing on the revenue generating activities and marketing that will actually grow your business.


Domain name & hosting:


For these you can use a company such as GoDaddy or Namecheap who provide both domains and hosting.


Your domain is the address of your website (ex:


On GoDaddy you can purchase domain names for as little as $0,99 per year.


Hosting is essentially the house of your website, and without a house, you won’t be able to have an address for your domain name above.