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Learning a trade can be one of the best things to do when searching for a stable, reliable income, as there are many different essential industries that will always be in demand. If you’re searching for a career change and feel ready to train in a new field, then there’s a good chance that you can improve the amount of money you earn. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on for some of the best options that you can consider today!

Home Improvement & Maintenance 

One of the best trades that you can explore for a sustainable, long term income is home improvement and maintenance. Whether you specialise in painting and decorating, plumbing, electrical work or any other property related topic, there’s always going to be a demand for your services. Learning the right skills for this industry can take on several different forms, from college courses to apprenticeships like the ABC Heart of America programme. It’s a good idea to do some research online to identify any specific qualifications that you might need to gain employment, as this can make your pathway far more clear. With so many new interior design trends to keep up with, home movers to assist, and maintenance issues to work on, there’s no doubt that your career (and paycheque) can grow and ultimately thrive. 

The Education Sector 

One sector that will always be in need of new trained professionals is education, as inspiring and committed teachers are in desperate demand all over the world. The different opportunities in the education sector will suit any kind of person, as there are so many age groups and topics to teach, with a large array of learning formats and languages too. It’s likely that you will need some form of teaching qualification to gain employment, but this can vary depending on what it is that you would like to do. For example, if you want to incorporate some travel into your career then you can teach English in a different country, in which case you might need to attend a workshop or gain a basic online certificate. On the other hand, lecturing at a university requires a full degree as well as an extra teaching qualification, and in many cases you may also need a masters and/or doctorate too. 

Healthcare & Nursing 

The healthcare industry is in constant demand for new employees to support its overwhelmed systems, so if you’ve ever considered taking up a role as a nurse or any other care professional then now is the time to get started. From dentistry to midwifery, surgeons to general practitioners – the different opportunities that exist within the industry truly stretch far and wide. The private healthcare sector is also an industry that is very financially healthy too, as you can often receive a respectable sum for your efforts. 

Finding the perfect industry in which you can launch your new profitable career has never been so simple when you consider the pathways above. From home improvement and maintenance to education, healthcare and nursing, there are so many options for you to explore.