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Have you worked as a builder, or other construction trade for many years? Would you say you’re experienced, and really know the ropes? If so, why spend your life working for someone else- it really is possible to set up your own company where you can put your skills and experience to best use. You can pour your passion, creativity and heart into a venture that’s just yours instead of working for someone else’s dream. However, you’ll be well aware that getting set up in the construction industry isn’t easy, and there are certain elements which mean it’s actually a lot harder to get started in than many other kinds of businesses. Here’s why.


High Startup Costs

When you’re setting up a business in construction, there are lots of expensive things you will need to purchase. From machines to vehicles, power tools, materials and much more. To keep costs down, try looking on auctions and sites online for good second-hand deals. You could also rent some things, especially in the beginning. While you will pay a fee to the hire company, you get access to good equipment without a large upfront cost, and they will pay to maintain and repair anything that breaks down (providing it’s not your fault!) Because the cost of getting set up in construction can be so high, it could be worth taking on a business partner or even looking for an investor which will certainly make things easier financially. With all of this being said, one of the great things about construction is high earning potential. Each client tends to spend a significant amount of money with each transaction- this means you shouldn’t struggle finding work as you don’t need to do many jobs to make ends meet. Building an extension for example will earn you thousands, compared to other businesses who will need to do lots of smaller jobs or sell hundreds of items to earn the same amount.


Finding The Right Staff

The right workforce is essential to any business. These are the people that will perform the daily tasks of your business and keep it running. In construction, not only do you need to find employees that are reliable and hardworking but they need to have the relevant training too. Just to set foot on a construction site you need certain safety certificates, and to operate vehicles and machinery you need individuals who are qualified and experienced. To make life easier, it can be worth using a company like DSC Personnel. These kinds of companies can supply you with staff in the construction industry with the correct training and qualifications.


Tricky Health and Safety Issues

Every workplace has issues with health and safety. Even somewhere that appears to be very safe like a shop or office could end up with slips, trips and falls accidents. However working in construction means there are particular risks. Machines, vehicles, working at heights, chemicals, power tools, heavy loads and more all increase the chances of an injury. Be sure to follow health and safety laws to the letter, and always have the correct insurances in place in case of an incident.