World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Traditional thinking has it that introverts are at a profound disadvantage in the job market. Their desire to be by themselves and recharge their batteries is something that sets them apart from the socialites in the workforce. Going out for a beer in the evening after a full day surrounded by people is the last thing that they want. 

Landing a job, therefore, can seem like a bit of a challenge. Introverts don’t necessarily come across as loud or as brash as their extroverted counterparts. And that can have an impact on how hiring managers perceive them. 

But just because you’re not overt, doesn’t mean that other people will automatically outshine you. It depends on how you unleash your personality. 

Here are some of the subtle ways that introverts can outshine their rivals at interviews. 

Skip The Small Talk And Go For The Important Stuff

For some introverts, there’s nothing more suffocating than being stuck at a party engaged in small talk. It’s boring and pointless and just seems to get in the way of everything. 


A lot of business people know this too, but they’re too wrapped up in the culture to do anything about it. Pushing back against small-talk seems like a step too far. 


When they interact with someone like you who shuns all of that, it can be a breath of fresh air and something they enjoy. Most business people want to get on with the work. They don’t want to spend all day talking about football. 


Research Your Employer


If you don’t feel very confident in selling yourself – or that just isn’t how your personality works – then doing your research first can help. Jump on the job website and carefully read between the lines. Ask yourself what the company is really asking for in the job description and then figure out whether you’re the person they want. 


Going into an interview knowing that you’re the person for the job automatically gives you an advantage. It gives you that underlying confidence you need to put your best foot forward. And it helps in the charisma department too. 


Play Up The Unique Skills That Introverts Bring To The Office


Introverts tend to be a little quieter and more reserved than their extroverted rivals. Having someone on the team with the ability to do this can help a company’s prospects tremendously. 


If you’ve deployed your skills in this manner before, be sure to tell the hiring manager about your experience. Talk about how you made a positive impact on your former company. 


Talk About Your Achievements


Speaking about your achievements is something that some introverts can struggle to do with confidence. It feels like bragging.  


In the context of a job interview, though, it’s not. The reason you want to talk about your successes is that it gives the interviewer an insight into the value that you offer. Staying silent is a bad idea. 


Introverts can still communicate their advantage at interviews. You’re not necessarily at a disadvantage. And you don’t have to change your character fundamentally.