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Web designers can assist with both business and personal websites. Getting this aspect of your marketing right will attract exactly the people you want to your website. Getting it wrong will cost you time, money, and sales or viewing figures. What should you include on your personal website?  


Unlike a business website, your personal website is really only about selling you, rather than a product. So you need to be able to do that quickly, interestingly, and succinctly. A short paragraph about you can show potential recruiters, for example, exactly what you are like and why they should hire you. It is best, however, to avoid writing long descriptive passages about your life story. 


You should also include a portfolio of your best work so that those who may want to hire you can see exactly what you do. Don’t, however, include every piece of work you’ve ever done. There will be too much to look at, and this will also show the potential hirer that you are unable to make important decisions. 


Another tip when it comes to marketing effectively on your personal website is to include testimonials from people who have worked with you so far. Look for fun and exciting ways to include these testimonials. Video testimonials, for example, have become very popular in recent years because people tend to respond better to videos than the written word. Also, they know that the testimonials are genuine and that you have not simply typed them up yourself. 


It is a good idea to think about hiring a company that has expertise in your chosen field of work so that they can help you to craft the perfect site. Elite Lawyers is a good example of a company that provides marketing services for the legal industry, in particular. It is always better to opt for a company like this, who understands you and your market, rather than going for a general company.


It is a good idea to include your social media links on your contact page, but only if they relate to your field of work. Your personal Facebook page may be entertaining, but if there is no sign of what you do on it, then it is best avoided. Make a professional Facebook page instead. 


Web design needs to be attractive and neat when it comes to your personal website, allowing those who do visit to navigate easily through it. Getting engaging website designers to create something wonderful for you is always a good idea.   


As you can see, there is a lot that needs to be considered when it comes to your own personal website. We hope that the information that has been provided in this post will help you to create the perfect personal website for your needs.