World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

The thought of entering into a career only to become tied down and stuck in one role for the rest of your life is terrifying for many. In the twenty first century, the world has become infinitely smaller with the emergence of the internet and social media. Careers are no longer lifelong jobs – they are ways to facilitate dreams and lifestyles. You don’t have to be chained to a desk for forty hours a week, forty six weeks a year doing the same things day in day out. You can break the mold and choose to have a different career path that involves greater levels of freedom and adventure. If you love nothing more than taking off at a moment’s notice and exploring the world to scratch your ever constant wanderlust itch, you will need a career to complement this way of life. Take a look at these three incredible career options to help you hot foot it around the globe.

Air Cabin Crew


While it might not require a college degree, being part of a cabin crew can be the perfect way to travel the world. Long haul travel could see you taking a jaunt to Australia or South America. Long haul travel always involves layovers meaning you won’t have to return immediately. Often, the most luxurious airlines will pay for your accommodation and give you an allowance for your three days somewhere new. Whatever destination you find yourself in, you can immerse yourself in a brand new culture, partake in a spot of authentic cuisine and relish the opportunity to do some sightseeing.


The variety of the destinations you might visit are endless. You could be in Peru one month, a Caribbean island another month and in Iceland at Christmas. All you need is exceptional customer service skills and be willing to be at airline passengers back and call, no matter how rude they may appear.



The Army


While being in the army might not seem like the perfect opportunity for travel, there are very few careers like the army that will pay you a wage and take you to unseen areas of the world that have been ruined by conflict. One year you may be stationed in an area of war torn Middle East and the next you might be on a peacekeeping mission in an African nation. Being in the armed forces is a privilege and a well respected career. Only last month the world was considering how many WW2 veterans are still alive as the anniversary of the D-Day landings were commemorated. The army expands your geographical horizons, enables you to develop leadership and teamwork skills, and will help you develop friendships for life.


If the army doesn’t suit, why not consider the navy or the air force. These armed forces also allow you to travel and you will learn a similar skill set. Protecting your country for a living is an exceptional career path to choose.



Teaching English


As a native English speaker you are at an advantage when it comes to traveling. People all over the globe are keen to learn the language that you are fluent in. You could sign up to a TEFL course to learn the pedagogy of teaching English to businesspeople in Japan, kindergarten kids in Sweden or homeschoolers in the Ukraine. The world will open up to you when you achieve your teaching English as a foreign language certificate. Be careful when selecting the institution or company you want to work for. Many will provide housing and a decent wage, but they may expect you to work at the oddest hours and you may find yourself with reams of paperwork to fill in. Do your research and make sure that the people that offer you a job are legitimate.


If you want to travel, consider how much you will need to earn to fund your trip. Countries in the Far East pay much more than South American and African destinations. You may need to sign a contract, but this is no bad thing. Spending twelve months in a country will give you an even better chance to become part of the fabric of the nation.


Traveling is the most exciting way to spend your life. While you might like to be at home with family for significant holidays, there’s nothing better than having a nomadic lifestyle and seeing the world. If your wanderlust itch needs scratching it’s only fair that you choose a career that enables you to feel personally satisfied.