World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Your workers are the most valuable asset when it comes to your business. Yet, still, companies chose to cut investment in areas that could not only attract but also help to retain the best people for the job. Of course, this is something that can seriously affect your business chances of long-term success. Therefore it is worth reading my post below which can help you recruit and hold on to the best people.  


Your work environment is poor.


We often forget that the environment at work can have a massive effect on our lives. After all, it is the places we spend the majority of our day! What this means is that if your business environment or office is not up to scratch, it could be directly affecting the morale and the overall job satisfaction of your workers, and in some case be contributing to them leaving.


Luckily, there are some things that you can so about this. The first is pretty easy, and it’s to give your workplace a facelift. This means a coat of fresh paint on the walls, new furniture, and even a few plants if possible to make things more comfortable.


Of course, this is only a quick fix and to have a more lasting effect you do need to go into a little more detail. In particular, it can be useful to collect data on the MBTI of your workers with a quiz like the one at and then tailor the working environment to better suit their needs. This is because often introverts and extroverts thrive in very different types of spaces.




In fact, those that register further along the more introverted side of the spectrum will nearly always prefer to have a private space in which they can retreat when then need to focus or process something. Alternatively, extroverts may do much better in an open plan environment, or even in a floating capacity where they get to interact with many different people during the day. In fact, matching people’s personalities with their work environment in this way is something that can help people feel much happier at work, reduce their stress levels, and will ultimately assist you with improving employee retention.  


Your recruitment process is lacking.


Your business may not be keeping the best staff because your initial recruitment process may not be up to scratch. What this means is that it’s impossible to keep the best people for the job, if you’re not getting the pick of the crop to start with.



Happily, there are some tactics you can use to improve your initial recruitment process, without scaring the best people off. First of all, asking them to complete an application form like the examples at along with a detailed statement on why they want the job is a great idea, as this weeds out people that aren’t actually looking to work specifically for your business, and are just trying their luck at any place that will have them.


Secondly, including someone from upper management in the interview process is essential, as this will ensure that you can get a good skill and personality match for the role you are looking fill. To that end, it’s best not to allow agencies to take control of the process at this stage.


Lastly, to ensure you get the best people that will be well suited to your company and so have potential to stay for the long term you must give recruits the opportunity to ask questions, negotiate what they need as suggested at, and see the business as it really is. Otherwise, you are just wasting their time, and they are likely to be much less satisfied once they get into the role, and so are more likely to leave your business for another employer.


You don’t offer enough benefits.


No one works for the sheer joy of it, and all of us have bills and responsibility that need paying every month. Therefore while the salary should not be the only thing that an employee considers, it is still important concerning retention.



What this means is that you need to offer the best salary and benefits package that you can possibly afford, if you want to retain the best staff over the long term.  This may include paying over the industry standard, including paid sick days, and even offering medical and health insurance as a sweetener.



Also, don’t forget that smaller benefits like offering a discounted gym membership, something you can get some advice on arranging at, as well as company parties, and company cars can also make a massive difference to how your employees view their job.


There is no progression and training on offer.


A major mistake when it comes to creating the best staff is not providing enough opportunity for progression and training. After all, if the top salary and position can be reached within a few years, it’s only natural that workers will go somewhere that their potential is less impeded.


To remedy this it’s essential to implement a policy of internal promotion that allows not only the right people to move up into management and senior positions, but also that provide more room from progression at the bottom of the ladder.


Now, this can be something that is difficult because it may mean having to cut back on the board of directors, or those in very senior position to free up funds and space for those below.


Of course, in some cases, this just may not be possible, but all is not lost, because there are other ways to approach this problem. One method would be to offer career advancing training that is provided and accredited by an outside institution.


By subsidizing such training you not only demonstrate to your employees that they are appreciated, and offer them something of value, but also you can help to advance and improve your business with the techniques that they learn. Additionally, many companies that offer such training programs also have a clause that requires repayment of at least some of the cost if a worker chooses to leave before a certain period of time, something that can act as a further incentive to stay.



You don’t provide the rights tools for the job.


Imagine being a master carpenter, but only being given access to a single, unreliable chisel for every job that needs completing. It would be very frustrating, and over time it may even lead you to abandon this job and move on to another instead.


Well, this is precisely what will happen in your business if you don’t provide reliable tools and equipment for the tasks that need completing. Of course at the top of this list in our now largely digital world is having up to date devices along with a reliable internet connection.


The latter being something that site like can help you with. After all, you have little hope in keeping the best people, if they are continually being interrupted and hindered when trying to work.


You are not prioritizing staff wellbeing.


Lastly, as a society, we are finally waking up to the wisdom of prioritizing staff wellbeing, After all, if people are happy and healthy, they are much more likely to be productive and stay in the post for a longer time.


Of course, there are plenty of ways to promote staff wellbeing in the workplace including offering flexible work hours, health insurance, company wise counseling services and even mindful and yoga activities as part of the working day.


Yes, it may seem relatively small and unimportant to start the day with a few minutes of quiet focus on the breath, but the advantages as discussed at can actually be huge. In fact, they may just lead to a reduction in stress and an increase in job satisfaction that will ensure you get to retain the best people for the success of your company, over the long term.