World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Nowadays everyone seems to have their own website, whether offering professional services, products or just expressing themselves with their latest blog posts. How many do you scroll past without so much as a backward glance? How many do you find have made you stop in your tracks? Not many we’d bet.

With so much noise out there, you need some tried and tested techniques that make your potential customer base stop in its tracks. Don’t be let down by poor visuals, old-fashioned graphics and shoddy writing.

Make your website pop and drive more visitors than ever before to your services for a brighter business.

Quite frankly, looks are everything. If content is king then your pictures, video and graphics are the emperors. They’re the one-stop shop front that makes people stop browsing and want to find out more about you but how do you know you’re using images and video effectively. Quite simply, the first thing you can do is a little research yourself. Specifically look at the competition, what are they doing that you should be? What are they doing that you shouldn’t be? Learn the lessons and take notes on what works and what doesn’t.

Generic images have their place but high quality and original one-offs set you apart. The medium that really helps tell your story is video and this is something you might find yourself outsourcing to a video production agency to take care of for you.

Short, powerful, quirky videos on your landing page work. Think outside the box. They don’t have to have words or even tell a coherent story but instead act as a marketing conduit for your customers to get a physical sense of who you and what you are about.

While images lead the charge, they must be followed up with great content. It’s not just about the quality of the writing but about how and where it features. Too much text and your page will look cluttered, not enough and your visitor will be left wondering what they’re looking at. Striking the right balance is crucial. Think about your Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content, you headings, subheadings and so on to not only achieve the right balance between informative and overloaded but also the right amount of keywords for Google to pick you up.

When you’re sure you’ve got your website looking as best it can, don’t sit back and let the grass grow under your feet. Experts say now is the time to analyse the effectiveness of your redesign. Make sure you’ve got your analytics in place, ready to monitor how many visitors you’re attracting, where they’re headed on your site and what they do once they’re there. Overhaul the pages that don’t seem to be doing anything and update the pages that attract the most traffic. Keep a close eye on what works and why and make changes accordingly.

It’s perfectly possible to build your own site, to fill it with content and images and publish but to be truly great you need a truly great website.